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The Legend January 12th, 2005

"Tellos is a magical Patchwork World made up of a myriad of different realms, populated by Creatures of Myth and of Legend, a Fantastic Land filled with Adventure around every corner-- and Danger at every turn!"
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Current Issue December 2004
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Tales of Tellos #3

monthly three-issue miniseries full color; 32 pages written by TODD DEZAGO art by HOWARD PORTER, JOHN LIVESAY & MAURICET cover by MIKE WIERINGO CONCEPT
Journey back to the magical world of Tellos in an all-new anthology series that offers thrills, mayhem and surprises while planting the seeds for TELLOS: SECOND COMING, the new storyline due out in early 2005! THIS ISSUE: Now this is the way to close out a miniseries!
First off is the conclusion to the epic tale 'The Legend of OGE K'Tion' as Todd and Belgian phenom MAURICET (Cross-Overs) relate the terrific and terrifying origin of the man who would become The WARRIOR of the LIGHT! Then it's the tale that everyone's been waiting for as Todd and superstar Artist HOWARD PORTER (Flash, Fantastic Four, JLA) reveal Jared's fate now that he's back in the 'real' world, and how JAREK could ever get back to TELLOS! This is it, folks! The one that leads directly into SECOND COMING! You don't wanna miss it. As is usual with TELLOS books, this three-issue series contains secrets, clues and twists that weave their way throughout the series. Don't think you know it all! And each of these issues is graced with a sweet, sweet cover by TELLOS co-creator (and Fantastic Four Artist) MIKE WIERINGO!
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Updates January 12th, 2005
This site was created and first uploaded today!
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This is a fansite, meaning I have no affiliation with Image Comics, the nice fellows who publish the Tellos comic books. I did not invent Tellos, nor do I have any involvement with the comic. This is a site for fans by a fan, that's what I pretend to run here.

I have been running a Tellos fansite since 1999, when Tellos was first introduced upon the masses. It was simply the best fantasy comic book I had ever read. I had to make a fansite because


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