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This is the Legend of Light and the Lands as told by Thomstrarustra to little Tosh.
Tellos is a land of many lands -- made up of many differnt realms -- inhabited by many differnt peoples and creatures...!

Because it is fractured and diverse a world -- much of it not yet even charted -- it would be impossible to bring the countless lands to Tellos under one rule...

But that hasn't ever stopped Evil from trying...

For all of time remembered -- from histories passed down by Mages old -- darkness has always had it's eye on Tellos...!

Always reaching out with cancerous fingers to claim bits of Tellos in it's stygian grasp, imposing on it's victims dreams of Dark Power and Conquest...!

At times in the past, Evil has come close to seizing all of Tellos in it's thrall, and sending it careening towards absolute destruction!

But there are always those who would resist... and... this always hope. Each time in the past, when darkness grew strong, brining Tellos to the Brink of Cataclysm, forces of good have risen up -- no armies, but people-- to confront the darkness and turn it away... they have always be quite... fortunate...

But the Darkness has grown stronger each time, its power growing with every new campaign, and the legend tells of a coming when the darkness will be too strong... and the forces of good not strong enough... there will be hope... and there will be good... but there will also be loss... and great, great saness...

there will be bravery, but also betrayal...

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This is the Legend of Light and the Lands as told by Thomstrarustra to Jarek, Koj and Serra.
The forces of the darkness are as ancient as the sands, and they have struggled since before time to seize and obliterate this living world!

Yet while there has been hope, a spirit of the light has always risen to challenge the darkness -- a magikal warrior, the last of the long-extinct D'Jinn! Only two times before, in known history has this Paladin of Light battled the cacerous darkness... battled it-- and defeated it!

The last time however, some two hundred winters past, as their own dark champion fell, the forces of darkness were waiting... and conjured a spell that captured the D'Jinn... binding it in an edritch prison... entombit it in a time-lost gem!

Prophecies told of D'Jinns return, mightier than before, freed once again and guided by the strength an spirit of not one, but two brave, unlikely heroes!

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This is the Legend of the Dark as told by a shadowjumpper mage to Sur-Azal.
In the beginning, there was simply the darkness... a roiling virulent blackness that struggled and strained at the work of creation--

with no light in the world, no imagination to guide it, this nothingness tried to grow-- spattering and sputtering out horrible mockeries of life, producing groaning and mewling grotesquries, abominations existing in continous pain and despair...

but then... there came the light...

...and Tellos was formed. Guided, it would seem, by the fancy of a child, the cursed world above was created with Magiks and wonders. Life thrived.

And the darkness was driven into the corners, into the shadows... and down, into the netherworld below...!

There, cramped and crammed together, the slither, shambling aborted attempts at life merged together...

becoming one from the many-one body, one mind... one goal... to take back what was theirs. To take back the realm that it once solely inhabited.

Soon there were others who desired the same thing-- other creatures that worked toward the same goal... of returning Tellos to the darkness...

The Dark Scriptures told of Sur-Azal's coming... and how it would be done...

They told of a false deliverer, who would wield great dark power, his campaign impressive... but ultimately doomed... his only real purpose, to reveal to the darknesses' one true adversary, the only real threat to their cause... and to-crudely-ready this from for Sur-Azal. For the scriptures say that the body need to be re-formed to act as the perfect host for Sur-Azal, the dark lord--

The living embodiment of the primordial darkness... the king... the god, Sur-Azal!

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The Legend of Light and the Lands

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