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Cover by: Mike Wieringo

Color: Full Color
Pages: 32
Format: regular series
Price: $2.50US / $4.99CAN
Release Date:

Written by: Todd Dezago
Artwork by: Mike Wieringo (pencils); Nathan Massengill (inks); Paul Mounts of Bongotone (colors and letters)

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"Tellos is a magikal patchwork world made up of countless different lands and realms, populated by mythical and legendary creatures, filled with adventure... and danger!
"Pursued by the minions of the dark and malevolent Malesur, three of our heroes -- Serra, Jarek and Koj -- have been detoured by Thomestharustra, the wise and ancient mage of shades, who is now revealing to them... the legend of the lands...!"

We open the 3rd issue with Thomestharustra telling our heroes the Legend of the lands.

Short version: D'Jinn, Oge K'Tion, has been around for over 2000 years, and has fought (and won) against evil not just once, but twice. But the second time evil had a back-up plan: if the D'Jinn is to win again, they would trap him inside a magikal amulet forever, so he would never be able to fight again. But like all magikal possesses, if there's a way to do it, there's a way to undo it.

After Tom's done telling his story, he reveals that Jarek is the one who will free the D'Jinn, and battle the evil Malesur. Jarek's all like "What? No way!" Tom reassures Jarek that he must carry out the prophecies, as he really has no choice but to do so, but the boy mustn't have contact with the amulet until the battle has begun. Koj offers to carry the amulet but Tom cuts him off "you must NEVER touch the amulet!"

Remember the Shadowjumpers that Oge K'Tion destroyed? Well, not all of them died in the explosion, just one lived. As he reports to his lord and master, Malesur, the warrior tells him that the "hinders" have the amulet and the 'jumpers have failed. We then learn that you do not fail Malesur: his crows pick the meat off the still living Shadowjumper.

Back to our heroes. While Serra's off delivering a message to Dani, the faerie, Koj is off looking for horses they can ride to get to Ona-Li where they will find a way to get into Malesur's citadel. Jarek's just sitting on the ground when he witnesses a cart crash between two venders. One a doll vender and the other a wine vender. They zoom in on the three dolls laying on the ground that have captivated all of Jarek's attention. Serra joins Koj and Jarek again with a map, in order to get to Ona-Li they must travel through Torrent. Jarek asks what a Torrent is to which Serra replies "can you swim?"

Back in Malesur's Citadel we meet a team of bounty hunters who have just about enough of one another, resorting to fighting in the meeting room. Malesur enters to find the five at each others throats and scolds them for acting like Children. He appoints them the task of acquiring the amulet and Jarek, and killing "the tiger and the tease".

Malesur, watching the trio travel through Torrent, decides that the three need to be worn down a little before his 'hunters ambush them on the edge of Ona-Li, so he whips up a Hydra made out of water.

Seriously getting their asses handed to them by the unkillable Hydra the three heroes are just barely able to get out of Torrent and the hydra's wrath before meeting face to face with the 'hunters... who now have the amulet.

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Oge K'Tion Battles Evil
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All artwork by: Mike Wieringo
Dezago, T. (Dezago et al, 2000). Tellos #3. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics.
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