The need for beef insulin and pork insulin, the natural animal insulins, is undeniable in the face of evidence of problems ranging from hypoglycemia unawareness to arthritic pain for many diabetics with the use of so-called human insulins made from genetically engineered e. coli bacteria by-products or genetically engineered yeast by-products. Welcome to Diabetics World. For more details and facts on hypoglycemia unawareness and the need for beef insulin and pork insulin in the us, check Dave's chronology of his experiences with hypoglycemia unawareness, check the Bellagio Report and Ken's and Errol's hypoglycemia unawareness pages too and learn what we are talking about. Beef insulin or Pork insulin may reduce or eliminate hypoglycemia unawareness for many diabetics fortunate enough to find this page and hit WHERE'S THE BEEF? Better control with fewer complications and less hypoglycemia risk is reported by many. You can import too!

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