I am working on building a library of useful utilities for those of us who must deal with diabetes, patients, doctors, nurses, parents, siblings, significant-others and friends.

Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

It will take some time before I can be certain that things are working properly and I may even attempt to make certain programs that will run online. It depends on how you recieve and respond to them.

Everything here is "free" for the download time, my gift to my fellow diabetics.

Due to the nature of diabetes and computers, I am forced to provide several warnings:

  1. You should make no changes in your diabetes regimen based on anything here without thorough and careful consultation with appropriate medically qualified, responsible persons from your domicile.

  2. Nothing supplied here has any form of warranty as to its efficacy for your use or its ability to run on your computer system.

  3. By downloading whatever you may download here, you assume all risk for any costs of download time or problems that may arise due to your use of successfully downloaded materials. We check for computer virus issues, but cannot be responsible for any that may be introduced by anyone.

  4. Programs here are only for use on PCs with MS Windows 98. That is all I have and I cannot, therefore write material for other systems.

Your help in debugging and problem solving will be greatly appreciated, but cannot be paid for. Contact me at dggroves@earthlink.net if you have suggestions.

Downloadable/printable CP Pharmaceuticals forms to order Beef Insulin:

HTML form for MAC <click here to download>

MIcrosotf Word 2000 form <click here to download>

Contact us if you need other formats.

Downloadable copies of the Insulin Choice Petition for those who wish to assist us with signatures from individuals who do not have internet access. Set up to print front and back of US Letter size paper with the full Petition and space for 36 signatures.

Microsoft Word 95 (6.0) & up Petition.doc
 <click here to download>

Rich Text Format Petition.rtf
<click here to download>

WordPerfect 5.0 and higher PetitionWP.doc
<click here to download>

  Download BMI (body mass index) calculator, for MS Excel 2000. This is a simple program to determine your BMI in pounds and inches or in kilograms and centimeters. Email me at dggroves@earthlink.net with the heading Diabetes Roulette. Thanks.

Download Type 1 Genetic Roulette. This is a game written for MS Excel 2000 that lets you see why the genetics of diabetes are so difficult to deal with. If you have an earlier version of Excel and find this does not work, I will be happy to recreate it in older formats.

Download BG-A1c.exe, a program to convert glycosylated hemoglobin and blood glucose averages back and forth. (Requires  Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime to work.)

Download BGA1c.xls, an MS Excel 2000 spreadsheet  to convert glycosylated hemoglobin and blood glucose averages back and forth.

If you have programs that you feel would help fellow diabetics and care givers, please Email us at mailto:dggroves@earthlink.net . Thank you!