Well, we knew this, but you may not have! Seems to show how ridiculous the Expiration dates are, and it appears that the 28 day limit applies only after the first dose is drawn from the Lantus vial, regardless of refrigeration.

Could be more Lilly Propaganda, but one must recognize that Beef UL (which lasted many months even without refrigeration <see table>) was the best basal for most diabetics, doctors were just too stupid (educated by Lilly and Novo) to comprehend this fact, allowing it and Pork UL to be removed from the world market in 1995-6.

Clearly, the insulin makers have no interest in diabetic health.

See the Hirsch 1995 article proclaiming Beef UL the best basal for intensive therapy for diabetics. <click here>

New Type Of Insulin Only Good For 28 Days


UPDATED: 1:24 p.m. PST February 13, 2003


For many people who have diabetes, insulin can literally mean the difference between life and death. But what if that lifesaving insulin was simply no good?

Call 23 Consumer Reporter Heidi Carter has found that a new type of insulin called lantus is causing some confusion. Lantus is a 24-hour insulin that's used along with other fast-acting insulin to help a diabetic maintain a more consistent blood sugar level.

Lantus Insulin


But one local woman was alarmed when she learned something that neither her doctor nor her pharmacist warned her about: once the vial is opened, it's only good for 28 days.

Valerie Sumlin has been diabetic since she was four years old and she does a good job managing her blood sugar levels.

"You have to know how your insulin works to adjust your lifestyle around it," Sumlin said.

She was happy with the lantus insulin, but about a month into her prescription, the insulin just stopped working.

Sumlin asked her Walgreen's pharmacist what could be wrong, but he said he didn't know. When Sumlin asked for large-print information on lantus, he said he couldn't help her.

Sumlin said, "I need something that I can read to get a handle on this insulin, because for four weeks it's working fine - then all of a sudden - BOOM!"

Frustrated, she got the phone number for the manufacturer, Aventis, and spoke to a company representative.

"And he said, 'Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you, but you took Insulin that was no good for over eight days.' I said 'No good? The expiration date said 7-2004. It's highlighted. I'm looking at it,'" said Sumlin.

Walgreen's responded to Call 23's questions about the confusion over the expiration dates by saying that they were "looking into the matter. The written patient information provided for this product is complete and accurate. As with any drug, we encourage patients to become familiar with their prescription medicine and to ask questions, if necessary, at the pharmacy."

Sumlin did ask questions at the pharmacy. She just didn't get any answers.

"And they are so big and they show nationwide they don't care about one person like me, actually maybe going into a coma or dying," said Sumlin.

But Call 23 discovered that the information being provided by the drug company to doctors and pharmacists about the 28-day expiration of lantus is confusing at best. We have brought that issue to both Aventis and the Food and Drug Administration in hopes that other patients like Sumlin don't put their lives at risk.

"Do you realize what eight days can do to a type-1 diabetic like me -- who's right on the verge of dialysis -- who's had two heart attacks -- eight days of high blood sugars?"

As for Sumlin's request for large-print literature on lantus, Walgreen's corporate office told Call 23 that they don't have the capability of providing it. But Aventis, the manufacturer, has promised to mail the information to Sumlin.

Aventis said they don't provide the 28-day expiration information in their doctor's insert because they say it's common knowledge that insulin expires in one month, once the vial has been used.

But in Sumlin's case, no one but Aventis was aware of that common knowledge.

So, lantus users, be warned that 28 days after you begin to use your lantus insulin, it's no longer effective.

To see the patient information on-line, click on lantus.

Lantus is clearly a fraud, introduced to cover the fraud of the "human insulins" and the other two synthetics.