Antiseen, William Hung, Queen Esther, The Gizmos, Lisa Mychols, Steven Mark, Greg McLeod, Lonehawk, The Doobie Brothers, Danny Pruitt, Blake Shelton, Chris Warren, Me And My Monkey, The Sharpshooters, The Hurt, Maggie Kim, Symphony In DeMeanor, Cardinal Trait, Scott Farr, Five Wise, American Death, Electro-Requiem, Vernon Reid & Masque, The Good North, The Grannies, Tommy Stinson, George Elliot, Cantinero, David Francis, Collective Soul, "X-mas Snertz, Have A Very Gulcher Christmas!, Mare Edstrom, Ani Minasian, Lyza Wilson, Peter Murphy, Thundertrain, Red Glance, "Meet Me In The Time Tunnel, Obscure Powerpop From The Land Of The Lost 1978-1985, Shane Scott, Michael Maassimo, Jujitsu, Strychnine, Sacramento Scene Report, John Amen, Phyliss Addison, Die Warzau, Lejeune, Brookfield, Townhall, Qwas, Citizen Cope, Slang, Matt Boroff, The April Skies, The Chattanooga Experience III, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and The Sha-Pels. Click here

Lisa Mychols, "It Was 40 Years Ago Today", Traindodge, Jack Irons, The Screamin’ Mee-Mees, Channels, Guadalcanal Diary, Trashcan Sinatras, Riddle Of Steel, Glenn Tilbrook, Better Than Ezra, Maurizio Lauroja, This Is Exploding, Choo Choo La Rouge, Tizzy, Speak Easy, Holy Frog, 63 Crayons, Mosquitos, The Cringe, Blues Explosion, Pete Muller, Wild T & The Spirit, Cowboys International, Steve Frederic, Daniel Carlson, Five Eight, d. boon & friends, Steven Mark, Five Wise, New York Dolls, Unbounded Sky, Under the Influence: A Jam Band Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Scott Farr, Greg McLeod, Kimmy & Klassé, Lisa Dames, Gretchen Witt, Roadside Zoo, Trekkies 2 Official Soundtrack, Stiv Bators, Les Hell On Heels, 13 Stories, Camp Susannah, The Deep Eynde, Nancy Sinatra, Floorian, and Rosetta West. Click here

The Return, The Woggles, Sumner, Warp 11, Lost Weekend, Dreamend, NEO, Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars, Gaia Consort, Adrian Baker, "Is It Rolling Bob-A Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan Vol. 1", Joe Rathbone, Motorhead, 1999, Thee Fine Lines, The Jim-Jims, Lemon, Superhoney, Robin Stanley, Retisonic, The Returnables, The Narrator, Slang, Billi & Patti, Kokoon, Superelectric, Reigning Sound, Kilgore Trout, Tom Kafafian, George Elliot, Camper Van Beethoven, McLemore Avenue, Dennis Most And The Instigators, Goggle-A, Wild Sazanami Beat, Volume 1", The Short Happy Life, Holy Curse, The Building Press, The Cure, Ebon Tale, Elliott Sharp's Terraplane, Pushing Red Buttons, Longwave, The Awkward Romance, Jeanine, The Catholic Girls, Iron Savior, Churchill's Tractor, Stimulator, Shakin' In My Boots: A Texas Rock N' Roll Compilation, Amberjack Rice, Blue Sand, Vero, Eek A Mouse, Transcendence, The Wildhearts, Ruth Ruth. Click here

"Death By Salt", Spiney Norman, Brian Wilson, BMX, To My Surprise, Dennis Most & Audiolove, Larry Cordle & LST, Exploding F-Dolls, Coffin Lids, Dan Dugmore, Black Lips, The Prime Time Sublime Community Orchestra, Todd Rundgren, Jana, Whaleman, Peter DiStefano, Ben Kweller, Los Lonely Boys, Box O'Clox, George Mason & Friends, William Bates, Jordan Yaruss, Modest Mouse, Texas Terri Bomb, Die Hunns, Inner Terrestrials, Fizzle Like A Flood, Kevin K and the Real Kool Kats, Imaginary Bill, George Elliot, The Cogburns, iSOLA, The Bloody Hollies, Mystery Girls, The Willowz, Revenge, The Desert Fathers, Peter Searcy, Matthew Sweet, SlipKnoT and "Best of the Blues". Click here

The Darkness, Emerald Rose, Johnny Cheapo, Gun Crazy, Tsar, Cooterfinger, Handgun Bravado, Moonbabies, Orange Hat, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Leah Callahan, Dubrock, The Sunrays, Todd Rundgren, Utopia, The Bloody Lovelies, The Polyphonic Spree, Mark Gardener, Various Artists-"Club Dread", Brody & Quint, Ill Mic, Hamfatter, Probot, The Undertones, Thee Snuff Project, Churchill’s Tractor, Aledo, The Sha-Pels, Kristian Hoffman, T.S.O.L., Anton Barbeau, George Elliot, Nini Camps, Electric Six, The Yardbirds, Ness, Mike Kindred with Dexter Walker, Josh Aran, and Mason Jennings Click here

Lisa Mychols, Adrian Baker, Sha Na Na, Grandpaboy, Facetious, Kings Of Leon, Fountains of Wayne, "Moments of Suspension", Cari Lee & The Saddle-ites, The Woggles, Generation X, Milo, The Undertones, "Rockabilly Riot!", Galactic, Todd Steed And The Suns Of Phere, Scrape, The Halley Devestern Band, "Bonnaroo Music Festival 2003", Viva Stereo, "Promenade Food Compilation #1", Vue, Zucchero, Stellastarr, Red Bee Society, Alterstate, Let's Active, Charles Manson, Daniel Pruitt, Oceancolourscene, Kick In The Eye, Diffuse Light, Snatches Of Pink, Kevin K & The Real Kool Kats, Neurotic Swingers, Blue Epic, Robert Wheeler, Jennyanykind, Marat, The Talk, "The Best of Bluegrass", The Waukees and Marti Brom. Click here

Poco, Noctorum, Facetious, Marshall Keith, Black Moustache, Killing Joke, Paul Westerberg, The Joykiller and Charlotte Martin. Click here

Pushing Red Buttons, Some Girls, Mando Diao, Scattered Pages, The Shocker, Susan Hickey, Deadwood Forest, George Elliott, Saticoy, Buchanan, Joe Ely, 89 Mojo, Ringsend, Twiztid, Dakona, Steve Ripley, A Northern Chorus, "Fishing Music", Churchill's Tractor, Easy Star All-Stars, The Illuminati, Sparrowhawk, Simply Saucer, Chumbawumba, TECH N9NE, Mazeppa, Team Emu, Eve 6, Flashlight Brown, A Picturebook of Saints, Mike Pursley, Eric Hutchinson, Pierson/Parker/Janovitz, Government Issue, Down By Law, Johnny Marr & The Healers, and Electric Candy Shop. Click here

REVIEWS-May 2003
Peter Lacey, The Waking Hours, Wondermints, Townhall, Damone, Kings of Leon, Ringo Starr, Laura Love, Masked Superstar, Boston, Teenage Girls, Amberjack, Radio Theory, Spare Change, The Silver Thread, Gordon B. Isnor, Robert Wheeler, sodamnhip, Unloco, The Vibrators, 13 Stories, Napoleon Murphy Brock, The Sawtelles, Churchill’s Tractor, VUE, Hotwire, Josh Dodes, Buzzcocks, The Alarm, Emerald Rose, Handgun Bravado, "We’re A Happy Family-A Tribute To The Ramones", Pseudo Heroes and Dennis Most & The Instigators. Click here

REVIEWS-March 2003
Paul Melancon, Johnny Cash, Past Mistakes, Red Winter Dying, The Pyronauts, The French Broads, Hayseed Dixie, Tom Jessen, Dave Davies, Come On, SSG, Imaginary Bill, Jet City, Ant-Bee, Fizzle Like A Flood, Skywind, Chicken Mchead, Thinmen, Mana ERG, Double Eclipse, Atom Strange, Dennis Most and the Instigators, Hugh Cornwell, Mad Margritt, JunkBunny, Chester, Winterbrief, Blood Music, PC Phobia, Steve Wilson, The Fad, Mike Shupp, SR71, Clockwise,Phil Aiken, Tim Easton, The Soft Boys, Johnny Cheapo, Billy Jonas, Roddy Frame, Flickerstick, Incubus, Home Grown, Nuts In Your Mouth, Ether Net, Allday Afternoon, Boetz, Cooterfinger, Dolly Parton, Simon Felton, Dropped On the Head Vol. II, The Deviants, Paul McCartney, Avail and Morgan Finlay. Click here

REVIEWS-December 2002
George Harrison, Various Artists-"Rise Above-24 Black Flag Songs To Benefit The West Memphis Three", The Vandals, Various Artists-"20 Years Of Dischord" Various Artists-Box Set, ILL MIC, Da Vinci's Notebook, Full Dimensional, Mountain Mirrors, Red Jetson, Leisure McCorkle, Choo Choo La Rouge, Kinski Spiral, Why Intercept?, Shame Train, Various Artists-"Alive & Kickin' International Anthems", Richard Snow, Various Artists-"He's a Rebel: The Gene Pitney Story...Retold", Boetz, Quadraphonic, Carson, Come On, Neurotic Swingers, The Bitter Little Cider Apples, Chickens and Pigs. Click here

REVIEWS-October 2002
The Crayon Theatrical, The Wonder Boys, Radney Foster, Slow Jets, The Springfields, The Shakedowns, The Dream Is Dead, Andrew W.K., Hostile Omish, Pushing Red Buttons and Buffalo Tom. Click here

REVIEWS-August/Sept 2002
Asylum Street Spankers, Rob Halford, Tommy Keene, 4 Fourty, Making God Smile, Frank Cotolo, HiFiDriveBy, Henry Rollins, Jeniphoria, The Border Collies, Elaine Summers, Sunder, Milo, Trik Turner, The Miss, Amy Pike & the Last Cold Beer, Joel Tuttle, X and The Color Red. Click here

REVIEWS-June/July 2002
Wammo, Moonbabies, Stanley Smith, Nashville Pussy, Brian Wilson, Emerald Rose, Nova Social, Monkeys Uncle, Jello Biafra, Oasis, Carson, Bonepony, AthFest, the Get Up Kids, Hayseed Dixie, George Elliott and more. Click here

REVIEWS-May 2002
Hot Rod Circuit, William Bates, Duvall, Joey Ramone, The Wonder Boys, What If I, Hifidriveby, Sam Knutson, Weezer and Through The Woods. Click here

REVIEWS-March 2002
Beulah, Stan Ridgeway, Jon Dee Graham, The Buzzcocks, Garfields Birthday, Dash, The Unrequited Loves, Paula Kelly, Judas Priest, Ad Frank, Fragile X, DC Cooper, Gaia Consort, French Kicks, Brendan Benson, The Walkmen, The Reindeer Section, Sigur Ros, Karen Jacobsen, Masonic, Bedbug, Fivehead, The Dave Rave Group, The Redeemers, Linda Smith, the Mind Candy and more. Click here

REVIEWS-January 2002
Pink, Michelle Branch, Mest, Lunch With a Bouncing Space, The Kowalskis, Ramonetures, Simple Minds and more. Click here

REVIEWS-November 2001
Asylum Street Spankers, Van Gogh, the Woggles, Jackyl, Paul McCartney, the Diplomats, Cactus Patch, Steve Kilpatrick, Joe Bonamassa, Illbilly Records Compilation, James Richard Oliver, Spiney Norman, El Majo, Peter Frampton, the Eggnogs, Josh Dodes Band and more. Click here

REVIEWS-October 2001
Peter Lacey, Suicide Cat, Paul McCartney, ELO, The Monkees, Spacehog, Tizzy, the Mitchells, the Aloha Steamtrain, the Beach Boys and more. Click here

REVIEWS-August 2001
Billy Jonas, In Bloom, My Ruin, Jeff Evans, Burnt Taters, Hayseed Dixie, 13 Stories and more. Click here

REVIEWS-June 2001
Robert Mirabal, the Lead Feathers, AthFest 2001 Comp, Theadore Muddfoot, the Groobees, the Lovejoys, the Secret Admirers, Our Lady Peace, the Drysdales, Mercy Crush and Donna Lee Van Cott. Click here

REVIEWS-April 2001
Moonbabies, the Donnas, Flamin Anus, Cheese, Marlowe, Cheap Trick, the Lovejoys, Geddy Lee, Dog Fashion Disco, the BorderCollies and the Swinging Neckbreakers. Click here

REVIEWS-February 2001
Cassette Reviews:
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CD Reviews:
Stretford, the Masticators, Peter Frampton, 34 Satellite, the Lead Feathers and more. Click here

REVIEWS-December 2000
Cassette Reviews:
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CD Reviews:
Dan Bryk, The Alarm 2000 Box Set, Oasis, the French Broads, Bad Religion and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Christmas album! Click here

REVIEWS-October 2000
Garfields Birthday, Through the Woods and Wheatus.Click here

REVIEWS-August 2000
Emerald Rose, Chain Poets, Brian Wilson, the Woggles, and Billionaire. Click here

REVIEWS-June 2000
Peter Lacey, Hanging Francis, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy and AthFest 2000. Click here

REVIEWS-May 2000
Travis, Emerald Rose, Oasis, Cupcakes and Patron Ur Click here
Garfields Birthday, Coldfire and the Asylum Street Spankers. Click here

the Hamicks Click here

the Muffs, Stretford Click here

Double Eclipse, Buzzcocks Click here
Illuminati Click here

Jimmy D. Lane, Original Soul Project, Beastie Boys and Tiamat click here

Mad Margritt Click here

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