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To All Association Members:  DNA Testing Benefits-

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 A couple of years ago, we initiated a DNA project on the Brantley family.  To date, we have had 20 persons participate in the project by either being tested themselves or sponsoring a cousin in the test.  While the test results have not proven to be as definitive as originally indicated to us, the testing now has since expanded from 12 to 25 to 37 and now 66 markers.  A 66 marker test can give significant detail on the probable line from which you descend from Edward down to recent generations.    The value of the overall testing is based on the number of participants.  Some people have asked; how did you get the DNA from Joshua Brantley who has been dead for over 150 years.  We do not have to go to the grave of Joshua to get his DNA.  All we have to do is get the DNA from a proven descendant of Joshua, such as Sid Brantley of St Louis , MO.   Since he has descended from Joshua, by a father to son line directly, his DNA markers read exactly the same as Joshua’s would.  Understand that the value of the program in dependant on participants.  If a Brantley male took part in the DNA testing program and did not know his lineage and the results matched Sid for 37 markers, we would know that he too was a descendant of Joshua. 

  I want to encourage Brantley descendants to participate in the program.  I have thought long and hard on how to gain the participation we need to pen down the various lines back to Edward.  I have concluded that first, we need to make known to our members and, other Brantley s we can reach, the need for participants and second, we need to initiate a program of participation to decrease an individual’s expense to obtain the DNA reading of his ancestor.  Let me give an example how this can be done.  One of the first participants was member, Barbara O’Nan, who is a descendant of Kentucky James Brantley .  Since she was a female, she recruited her Brantley brother to be tested.  As a result we now have the DNA results of this James Brantley for 37 markers.  Were she and her brother the only benefactors of the test?  NO.  Every descendant of James benefits.  We have 44 families who are members of the association alone who descend from Kentucky James.  This does not include the close kindred of these; the cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles and the father.   Had all these joined in the cost, each would have paid less than a dollar to have the benefit of these results instead of Barbara and her brother bearing the entire $249 cost.  For the record, know that all members of the association and, in fact, all descendants of Edward Brantly, to one degree or another, benefit from the knowledge of his DNA results. If you want to go further, there are those yet unborn who will benefit. 


Let Us Proceed


 There are two programs I want to introduce.


(1)   First, I would like members to become recruiters of participants.  That is, that you go among your family members, and remember; your cousins and even distant relatives, and ask them to contribute to the sponsoring of a male Brantley on your line for the DNA test.  You may take the approach that we (the Association) are soliciting the contribution for this project as we are indeed requesting Brantley descendants to contribute to this effort. The volunteer collects the moneys required, approaches a qualified candidate, and sees that he is tested and that the results are made known to at least all those who participated.  Detailed information should be kept of the contributors so that proper credit can be given. With even only 10 or 12 participants the expense for each is significantly lowered. 


(2) In the case where, Brantley males are unknown to descendants in an area, they may initiate a fund through the association.  For example, if you are a descendant of Malachi Brantley of 1760, but through a female in more recent generations, you may not know of any male Brantley s on this line and want to solicit and collect from other known descendants, funds which can be forwarded to the Association for this “progenitor project”.  The Association will in turn, try to locate a known male Brantley descendant of Malachi and have him be sponsored for the DNA test.  We will have to set up rules for this, for example, if we do not find a candidate within 12 months or so, the money would have to be refunded.  We would have to establish a procedure for a situation where insufficient funds were submitted to cover the test.  If this program succeeds as I hope, we will appoint a member to see after this program.  He/she would be in charge of tracking the funds and seeing that the program works as planned.  Additionally, he would report to us, the overall progress of the program on a routine bases.


(3)  We have a few very dedicated members, who may just want to contribute to the general DNA project or dedicate funds to a specific progenitor’s project.  These funds can be collected by the Association and assigned in accordance with the conditions submitted.  In a case where the funds are submitted as a general project contribution, I would evaluate where the results of DNA testing is more needed and make the decision as to what progenitor’s descendants should be tested, or I could add the funds to another specific progenitor’s fund which is lacking. 


I am hopeful that members will take part in the effort and forward this to their Brantley relatives who they can locate.  This elephant can be eaten if we all just join forces.  Remember, it is not just beneficial to you and your kindred now, but for Brantley descendants who will follow in generations to come.  Please do not put this aside.  Become active in the project now.   

(See at bottom, the contact procedures)


If you would like to initiate a project on your own or through the Association, let me know as I can advise others that a given progenitor’s project has been created. 


Below are some of the early progenitors whose DNA testing of their descendants is most desired.

(At least 37 markers, recommended)


Green Brantley (b 1795) of Conecuh Co AL

Robert Edward Brantley (b 1842) of AL , LA, and California

Josiah Brantley (b 1770) of NC, Indiana and Texas

Duncan Brantley (b 1794) of NC, TN, and Arkansas

Young B. Brantley (b 1816) of NC, TN, MO, and Arkansas

Jacob Brantley (b 1811) of NC & Georgia: Married Rachel Rawls

Zachariah Brantley (b 1814) of NC & Georgia:  Married Eliza Kersey

Roscoe Brantley (b 1887) of Ark and Washington State

Charles Brantley (b 1745) of VA, NC, and Montgomery Co, TN

Henry Brantley (b 1779) of Rowan and Mecklenburg Counties in NC

Calvin Morris Brantley (b 1839)  of Washington Co GA and FL

Brittain Brantley (b abt 1740) of VA and NC – or Wyatt Brantley

Bartholomew Brantley (b 1806) of SC and NC

Dr William Theophilus Brantley (b 1787) of Chatham CO NC

William T Brantley (b 1825) and Lucinda Davis of Walton Co GA

Reuben Brantley of Chatham Co, Georgia

Jeremiah Brantley (b 1758) of Laurens Co, GA

Aaron Brantley ( b 1789) of Telfair Co, GA:  Married Nancy Rae

Abraham Brantley (b 1819) of Clinch Co, GA

James Brantley (b 1794) of GA, AL and Louisiana , married Nancy Hargrove.

John Brantley (b abt 1785) of Ga, AL and Holmes Co, MS: Married Nancy Askew

Jonathan Brantley ( b 1820) of Warren Co, MS

Jonathan Brantley (b ca 1782) died Wilcox Co AL in 1840

William Brantley (b ca 1800) of GA, AL , and Mississippi ; married Marinda Jolly.

Amos Brantley (b 1759) of Hancock Co, GA

Benjamin Brantley (b 1764) of NC of Hancock County , GA

Eugene Hamilton Brantley (b 1853) of GA and Texas

Godwin Brantley (b abt 1788) of GA, LA and Texas

Francis (b 1807) or Joseph Brantley (1813) of Conecuh Co AL and Florida

Jesse Brantley (b 1769) of SC and Kemper Co, Miss

Anthony (b 1798) or William Brantley (b 1796) of  SC and Florida

Newman Brantley (b ca 1818)  of Ga and FL


Please know that although we promote the testing and may be responsible for many participants to the Brantley DNA project, we do not receive one dime in any way from the DNA research company. 


The e-mail address of our present project holding company is www.familytreeDNA.com

You may call them, in person, at 713-868-1438


Here are the new prices they posted recently:  (The 59 marker DNA test has been extended to 66 markers)


Y-DNA12       $99

Y-DNA37       $189

Y-DNA59       $269

Y-Refine12to37          $99

Y-Refine12to59/66     $189

Y-Refine25to37          $49

Y-Refine25to59/66     $148

Y-Refine37to59/66     $99


Ken Brantley

Brantley Association of America


PS  Mrs. O’Nan is about to sponsor the DNA test of Kentucky James to 66.  If you would like to participate in the funding, contact her at:   heritage63@bellsouth.net 



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