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Progress Report 1

Dec 5, 2006
To All Members:
I the last few weeks we have had, perhaps, the biggest single genealogy find ever for the Brantley family of early Georgia.  We have identified another son of Benjamin Brantley (b abt 1732) of Chatham CO NC and Washington Co, GA.  Benjamin was the only son of John and Hannah who left no surviving will; thus only his son Joseph, mentioned in a Church record with him, was known to us.  We have discovered that the Benjamin Brantley of Hancock County (b 1764) was also his son.  This finding we lay at the feet of DNA testing.  It was a descendant of Benjamin (Jr) who recently received the results of the testing which showed a 90% probably of he being a descendant of Benjamin Brantley of Washington Co.  This means, of course, they were father and son.  The finding was astonishing.  I thought at first, that there must be a mistake.  The DNA numbers matched mine exactly for 36 of the 37 markers. After reeling for a couple of days, I went back to the drawing board and discovered that records do support the findings. After uncovering an incorrect conclusion we proposed some years ago, everything begin to fall into place.  On the research side, we can say that the name "Gideon Brantley" has now helped  us too, unravel the mystery which has daunted us for decades. Never-the-less, it is not likely we would  have ever put this together without the DNA testing.
The markers below are unique in that the marker 15 is a "9".  All other Brantley applicants (except adopted lines) have a "10" in marker 15.  Benjamin Brantley (Sr) and his descendants only have this distinction.

Ken of  Benj Washingtn Co    |13|24|15|11|11|14|12|12|11|12|13|28|17| 9| 9 |11|11|25|15|19|29|16|17|17|17|11|10|20|23|15|15|19|17|36|37|12

J.L of  Benj  Hancock Co        |13|24|15|11|11|14|12|12|11|12|13|28|17| 9 |9 |11|11|25|15|19|29|16|17|17|17|11|10|20|23|15|15|18|17|36|37|12

An interesting and detailed message on this finding and resultant study will go out to our Ambassadors tomorrow.  Also the general DNA findings to date,  accompanied by notes and charts, will go out to them and all DNA applicants within the next week or so,
Below is an article from Family Tree DNA which we would like for our members to read.  See also my remarks following.
"With the Holiday season approaching, family gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to interview relatives, as well as to share with family members the exciting discoveries from DNA testing and recruit participants. A DNA test is a gift of discovery, which will continue to provide discoveries in the future.

You may also want to consider raising donations to provide test kits for participants who are critical to your research.

Family gatherings are an opportunity to recruit the relative that you need to take a DNA test. A festive setting combined with a simple, non-technical explanation of the test will go a long way to overcome fears and concerns.
The Genealogy by Genetics video. You can make and distribute as many copies as desired by either downloading the video to CD, which is played on a computer, or ordering a free DVD and making copies. For more information,

Family Tree DNA provides a wide variety of educational resources to help you apply Genetic Genealogy to your family history research. In addition, email and telephone consultation is available. To begin your education, past issues of the newsletter are available at our web site. Click on the link below:"
 Below are some of the early progenitors whose DNA testing of their descendants is most desired.  Note the ones with * asterisk.  They are a particular priority.

(At least 37 markers, recommended).      These shown in red below have been completed since our last letter. 

 Green Brantley (b 1795) of Conecuh Co AL     (Now completed)

*Elisha Brantley of SoHampton Co VA (b1775)

*Robert Edward Brantley (b 1842) of AL, LA, and California

Josiah Brantley (b 1770) of NC, Indiana and Texas  (Now completed)

Duncan Brantley (b 1794) of NC, TN, and Arkansas    (Now completed)

Young B. Brantley (b 1816) of NC, TN, MO, and Arkansas

*Jacob Brantley (b 1811) of NC & Georgia: Married Rachel Rawls

*James M Brantley (b 1811) of Emanuel Co GA     (Now completed)

*Zachariah Brantley (b 1814) of NC & Georgia:  Married Eliza Kersey

Roscoe Brantley (b 1887) of Ark and Washington State

Charles Brantley (b 1745) of VA, NC, and Montgomery Co, TN

Henry Brantley (b 1779) of Rowan and Mecklenburg Counties in NC  (Now completed)

Calvin Morris Brantley (b 1839)  of Washington Co GA and FL

*Brittain Brantley (b abt 1740) of VA and NC or Wyatt Brantley

Bartholomew Brantley (b 1806) of SC and NC   (Now completed)

Dr William Theophilus Brantley (b 1787) of Chatham CO NC

*William T Brantley (b 1825) and Lucinda Davis of Walton Co GA

Reuben Brantley of Chatham Co, Georgia

Jeremiah Brantley (b 1758) of Laurens Co, GA

*Aaron Brantley ( b 1789) of Telfair Co, GA:  Married Nancy Rae

* Abraham Brantley (b 1819) of Clinch Co, GA

James Brantley (b 1794) of GA, AL and Louisiana, married Nancy Hargrove.

*John Brantley (b abt 1785) of Ga, AL and Holmes Co, MS: Married Nancy Askew

*Jonathan Brantley ( b 1820) of Warren Co, MS

Jonathan Brantley (b ca 1782) died Wilcox Co AL in 1840

*William Brantley (b ca 1800) of GA, AL, and Mississippi; married Marinda Jolly

*Amos Brantley (b 1759) of Hancock Co, GA

Benjamin Brantley (b 1764) of NC of Hancock County, GA   (Now completed)

Eugene Hamilton Brantley (b 1853) of GA and Texas

*Godwin Brantley (b abt 1788) of GA, LA and Texas

*Francis (b 1807) or Joseph Brantley (1813) of Conecuh Co AL and Florida

*Jesse Brantley (b 1769) of SC and Kemper Co, Miss

*Anthony (b 1798) or William Brantley (b 1796) of  SC and Florida

*Newman Brantley (b ca 1818)  of Ga and FL

 We highly encourage members to take part in this project.  Please read the message I sent in May of this year which shows the different methods for participation.  I you need another copy, I will send it upon request.

 Please know that although we promote the testing and may be responsible for many participants to the Brantley DNA project, we do not receive one dime in any way from the DNA research company. 

The  web site address of our present project holding company is

You may call them, in person, at 713-868-1438

 Here are the new prices they posted recently:  

 Y-DNA12       $99

Y-DNA25       $149

Y-DNA37       $189   Recommended.   

Y-DNA66       $269

Y-Refine12to37           $99

Y-Refine12to59/66      $189

Y-Refine25to37           $49

Y-Refine25to66      $148

Y-Refine37to66      $99


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