System 3.2 HFS

First System to use a True-Hierarchy Disk Directory Structure; meaning that Folders were actual working sub-directories and the FAT (File Allocation Tables) was a True-Tree System.

Though the older System 3.2 was used, the Finder was upgraded to 4.2 for the HFS format. It also had Switcher [Not included in the Download...]- a Multitaking application that allowed users to run several applications at once. But with 1 Meg maximum on some souped-up Mac 512Ke's and Mac Pluses, the most you could run was 4 applications- including the finder. Switcher was a separate from the finder and had to be accessed as any other application. Switcher also worked under System 3.2MFS and System 4.

For the first time Mac Users can use Massive Storage Devices of 20 MegaBytes or more.

Download: [System3.2/Finder4.2]

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