VMS' System Software Downloads for Your Old Mac

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Welcome to the VMS' Software Page. Download what you need for Mac System. But first;

Note: Before System 7.0, Apple Inc distributed their System Software through User Groups for free. It was the User Groups that charged for the services of copying and distributing the software. As long as it only covers the cost of manufacture and distribution, and not for profit, this practice considered legal amd benefited all interested parties. System 6.0.8 was the last System Software distributed through this manner (Though there is a System 6.0.9- which I can not find and many denie of its exisitance). System 7 updates and enhancements are also distributed freely, but you need the orginal System Software to "legalize" these system add-ons. (Software Copyright Laws of 1993{?}- stating that orginal materials [Books, Literature, orginal disks, etc...] are required to make all the software on your computer system a legal copy.)

I do hereby distibute what is "legally" free in the software list provided for "free."

Follow these links for more information and eventual software download

 System Software

Required Macs

Disk Format

Special Notes

System 1.0 Skinny/Fat Macs MFS-400K, SSDD 1 Disk
System 3.2 MFS Fat Mac MFS-400K,SSDD Finder 3.0; 1 Disk
System 3.2 HFS Mac 512Ke HFS-400K,SSDD Finder 4.0; 1 Disk
System 4.0 Mac 512Ke,Mac Plus HFS-800K,DSDD Finder 5.2; 1 Disk
System 5.0

Does Not Exist...?
System 6.0 Mac512Ke to MacSE  HFS-800K, DSDD Incomplete- 1 disk 
System 6.02 Mac512Ke to MacSE  HFS-800K, DSDD 2 Disk Set
System 6.03 Mac 512Ke to Mac II HFS-800K, DSDD Incomplete- 2 disks
System 6.04 Most Macs up to CX HFS-800K, DSDD Incomplete-2 disks
System 6.07 All Macs up to an FX HFS-800K, DSDD 4 Disk set
System 6.08 Mac 512Ke/Plus only HFS-800K, DSDD  1 Bootable Disk
Other Software

Mac SE Tour Mac SE only HFS-800K, DSDD  1 Bootable Disk
LaserWriter II Printers LaserWriter add-ons HFS-800K, DSDD  1 Disk

Special Instructions:

To Create a Start-up Disk, you would have to format a blank disk to the desired format you required {400K single sided, 800K double sided, or 1.4 High Density- depending on you Mac}, and for Systems before 6.0- drag the system folder onto the blank disk.

After Downloading the required files, you need a decompression program compatible to StuffIt [ie: StuffIt Lite or StuffIt Expander]. Uncompress the software onto the blank disk you created.

For MFS format disks, you may have to decompress the files onto the hard drive first and then transfer the files onto the disk later.

To create a MFS (Macintosh File System) disk, you would have to start-up (or boot up) from System 3.2/Finder4.0 and use the Erase Disk item on the Special Menu- while holding the Option Key down; or boot from either System 3.2/Finder 3.0 and format from the Erase Disk item on the Special Menu.

If you find yourself unable to create a start-up disk for either MFS or HFS format; you can email me for the disk/format/system you require, and we'll exchange physical addresses. All information will be kept confidential- until I forget about it.

Costs are: - $3 per disk, You supply disks ÷ $6 per disk, I supply disks

------> 2-week waiting period allowed for snail-mail delivery <------

Money Orders only. Too many checks bounce...

Do Not Send Cash!!! $ Sniffing Dogs at US Postal System will eat it!!!


Skinny Mac- Original Mac 128K RAM, 64K ROMs, 400K disk drives

Fat Mac- Original Mac 512K RAM, 64K ROMs, and 400K disk drives. 800K diskdrives were an option.

Mac 512Ke- Enhanced Mac 512, with 128K ROMs, and 800K disk drives. Many Fat Macs were upgraded to 512Ke's with a ROM and disk drive upgrade. Enhancements came from using Mac Plus Roms in the Mac 512.