System 4

Some improvements over System 3 and includes the "new" Macs: The SE and the Mac II.

Also includes new Printer Drivers for the LaserWriter II/IINT, AppleTalk ImageWriter II and Image Writer LQ (with or without AppleTalk) ; and improved drivers for the original Laser Writer/LaserWriter Plus, ImageWriter I & II. Improvements in the AppleShare Network handleing- which was part of Finder 5.2


Beta Version of System 4.0 came with Finder 4.2

Released Version of System 4.0 came with Finder 5.0; with improvements in Finder 5.1 & 5.2 .

Mixing of Systems and Finders was a usual practice, but discouraged by Apple Inc. It was common to Find a Start-up disk of System 3.0 w/Finder 5.2; though saved a lot of RAM, it was unstable.

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