System 6.0.2

The last Series of 68K Mac Operating System, before the Power PCs and System 7 took over.

Many enhancements, including Multi Finder- a multi-tasking Finder from which Users can run several applications at once. A far cry from Switcher- System's 3 Multi-taking application. System 6 was the first to incorporate an installer program from which you defined the parameters of your Macintosh and where you want your system software to be created. This is due to the large number of Macintosh Systems that were out at the time. New System versions came out with every new Macintosh computer that hit the stores; complete with enhancements to the old code, and compatibility almost 100% from system to system. (Can anyone say that about MS-DOS and Windows?)

Download: [System6.0.2/Finder6.0.2 Boot Disk ONLY]

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