System 5

Mac HFS Format Disk OS, Slated for shippment in:

Never created; intended to be a replacement of System 4, and included Macs such as:

Mac 512Ke/Plus, Mac SE, Mac II, Mac IIx, Mac IIcx, and SE30.


Improved 16bit FAT- for those Large 40 meg hard drives

"Unlimited" sized directory,

Less System RAM Overhead Requirement

Improved drivers and Subroutines.

System 5 was never released because System 4 was already using Finder v5.+, and many beleived that repackaging a new system with an old finder would not be much of an upgrade. Instead, Apple redesigned System 5, added a couple of extras, and rereleased the New System as System 6.0/Finder 6.0

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