When I was growing up, I thought my parents were so strict--and I bet you did too! I wasn't allowed to date unless my dad personally interrogated the boy,couldn't stay out late on school nights, couldn't wear makeup or get my ears pierced; the list went on and on! I promised myself that when I grew up, I would be more understanding and not do the things my parents had done.
Well guess what, I'm going to be worse!

Children are a precious gift. (Believe me, after 36 hours of back labor, I know just how precious!) Too many people let their kids run wild, without setting any standards or limits for them. I once heard a couple explain that they didn't feel they had the right to impose their standards on their children! Wake up people! That's what we're here for!

I'm including on this page some of the articles I write for the Pagan Awareness League's parenting page, as well as other worthwhile articles I glean from around the Net. I'll also include a reading list, and some links to different resources on the Net. Or elsewhere!

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