When You Are an Elfquest Addict...

* You regularily go to a wolf park

* You've got ALL the issues, including the not-so-hot ones

* You've got the Summer Specials, the convention specials...

* You sign the Elfquest.com guestbook at least once a month

* You have your own Elfquest fan page (ummm... that would be me!)

* Your howling disturbs people

* You don't think Poughkeepsie is remote

* You want to be a fanfic writer

* Your fanfics win recognition or awards

* Your 'fics earn you disdain or infamy (too late for me...)

* You belong to a fan holt

* You have your own fan holt

* You draw or write scripts for doujinshi (fan comics)

* You've made your own Elfquest based movie

* You hate talking - SAS members earn two points here!

* You're on an Elfquest newsgroup

* On Usenet, you're considered the Kibo of Elfquest

* You're in an Elfquest webring (really, more hits is good, heh heh heh)

* You regularly indoctrinate people in Elfquest

* Your converts have converted others

* You quote Elfquest from memory

* You can quote the Elfquest creators' statements from memory

* You own all the hardback collections

* You also own the earlier editions

* You have at least one Elfquest memorabilia item

* You've tried to send

* You keep trying to float rocks, people, yourself, major buildings...

* You dress like an Elfquest character

* You've used Elfquest curse words or slang

* You're waiting for the Palace's return

* You try to shape trees, rocks, others...

* You avoid using words for things you have

* You dream about _Elfquest_

Got any of your own? E-mail me at ChrOtaku@xoommail.com.

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