An Elfquest Drinking Game

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General . . . Wolfriders . . . Sun Folk . . . Gliders . . . Go-Backs . . . WaveDancers . . . Humans . . . Trolls . . . Preservers . . . Cutter . . . Skywise . . . Leetah . . . Rayek . . . Other Major Characters . . . Minor Characters . . . Joining Scenes . . . Creators, Writers, and Artists . . . Lettercol, Editorials, and the Fans


This, of course, was inspired by many, many other 'Net drinking games. The best ones I've seen make sense, show what is strange or repetitive about a series, and go to outrageous, speculative lengths. Well, here goes my attempt at an Elfquest drinking game. As stated in the Disclaimer, my intent is not to sabotage the copyrights and properties of Warp Graphics, but merely to add an attempt at humor to the ranks of Elfquest-based fan material. Thanks for understanding. Now, just don't try this at home, cubs!


An ugly, twisted, or unnatural creature appears: one drink.

Someone talks ominously about Recognition, but it doesn't happen: one drink.

A character has a mysterious vision: one drink.

An Abodean vulgarity is used: one drink.

Someone goes on a tangent about past events: one drink. But drink twice if it takes an issue or more.

Multiple characters swim/bathe: one drink. Go for two if they just swam/bathed recently. Three times if more than one species is present. Four times if the artist actually shows something. If at least one character is acting really perverse, chug!

A character is pregnant: one drink.

A major quest or crisis is at hand, and someone sits around doing nothing: one drink. Three times if they're also bitter.

If a joining scene is going on, take one drink for each character involved. (See also JOINING.)

A major enemy is not ugly: two drinks.

Someone dies in a pool of blood: two drinks to get over it.

If Abode loses one of its moons, and was Earth after all, start chugging!

Someone says, "Trust me, I know what I'm doing": chug.

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A cub sees his/her parent(s) naked, and is totally unfazed: one drink.

Someone sends openly: one drink. But drink twice if the whole tribe is close enough to hear them.

Someone, or the whole group, howls: one drink.

Someone wears a really bizarre outfit: one drink. Two drinks if their clothes are eye-poppingly sensual. Take three if the elf looks ugly.

A Wolfrider is captured by humans: one drink. (See also HUMANS.)

Someone gets drunk on a dreamberry-based substance: one drink, and stop acting like Chandra, you stupid human!

Someone tries to moralize a situation: one drink.

The narration states something about how perfect/ideal Wolfrider life is: one drink per mention.

Someone loses their identity: two drinks.

A cub is born: two drinks, and cheer.

A character uses a word for something they have (see _Book 9_): two drinks.

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Someone whines: one drink. This adds up fast, you know.

Rayek or a Wolfrider insults one or more Sun Folk: one drink. Twice if the Sun Folk react(s).

Someone is unnecessarily healed: one drink.

A reference is made to gardens: one drink.

A character completely freaks out: two drinks, and start gargling.

Someone is killed: two drinks. Drink three times if you cared.

Someone rides a zwoot: two drinks.

If we ever find out just what happened to Ahdri, chug.

If anyone manages to harm Savah, chug.

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Someone makes a snobbish remark: one drink.

A character is exposed as a traitor: one drink.

Someone insults the humans: one drink, and laugh haughtily.

If someone DOESN'T insult the humans, take two drinks.

Everyone just shrugs off Winnowill's insanity: two drinks.

If you can't figure out how Two-Edge (much less Egg/Aurek) survived, chug to forget about it.

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We know a character's parent(s), at least in name: one drink each.

Someone attempts an insult: one drink.

A character complains about being alive so long: one drink.

Someone laughs at Two-Edge: one drink.

If someone has a really stupid, pointless rule, take two drinks.

We have to endure seeing a Go-Back's bare body: two drinks to clear our heads.

Someone gets injured and DOESN'T die: two drinks and do your own victory dance.

If someone denies being degenerate, chug!

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Someone complains about being chief: one drink.

A blatant environmental crisis reference is made: one drink.

Human relations are not going well: one drink, and groan deeply.

Someone wears a physically plausible outfit: two drinks.

A fourth artist/creative team takes over WaveDancers: two drinks. (Taileffer and company are only the third...)

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Someone, or some group, is superstitious: one drink. Twice if they're completely paranoid.

Someone kills an elf: one drink. If they really make a spectacle out of it, two drinks. Three times if they live to regret it.

An ugly, dorky kid shows up: one drink, but make it something hard. Imbibe twice if they get a good line. If the kid dies, drink three times, and put on your most evil grin.

Two humans resembling Wendy and Richard Pini are shown: one drink. Take two if they do something that reflects their real-life occupations.

A woman completely outwits a man: one drink. Two drinks if she lives to tell about it.

Someone doesn't believe in elves, and means it: two drinks.

Someone is not suspicious of elves: two drinks.

A human religion surfaces that does not resemble a cult: two drinks.

A serious human-elf hybrid story comes about: chug.

If the stories were wrong - the humans killed off the High Ones ("coneheads"), but a few people reshaped their own ears and started calling themselves elves... chug like you've never chugged before.

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Someone dies in a gory way: one drink, and cry for them.

Someone doesn't trust Two-Edge: one drink.

Someone gets hungry for treasure/rewards: one drink.

A character whines: one drink.

Someone walks out into direct sunlight: two drinks.

A character whines, and no one reacts: two drinks.

Someone breaks their own rules: three drinks.

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One sings: one drink.

One is the only party member up to the task: one drink.

A preserver doesn't do anything: one drink.

One is told to talk: two drinks.

One is injured: two drinks, and throw a party.

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He has to save someone or something: one drink.

He is seen in only his breechcloth: one drink.

Someone heals him: one drink.

He talks to a wolf-friend: one drink.

The chief says something philosophical: one drink.

He is black-sent at by Winnowill: one drink.

He mopes: two drinks, and start moping yourself.

The Blood of Ten Chiefs laughs: two drinks, and cheer.

He does a little black-sending of his own: three drinks.

Someone other than Leetah Recognizes him: chug.

He is stated to be "invincible": chug harder.

He starts a quest to kill squirrels: chug, chug, chug...

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He is bad-mouthed by Ember: one drink.

His love life falls apart: one drink, and cry crocodile tears.

He hovers on the edge of death: one drink, and write a "what-if" fanfic.

He stares at the stars: one drink.

He completely blows off a lovemate: two drinks.

The stargazer joins with Timmain: two drinks.

He is ever shown joining with Cutter: chug. REALLY start chugging if we see him joining with Leetah.

He's Chandra's male ancestor: chug the whole bottle.

He is the first elf ever to achive lightspeed: ...oh, forget it.

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She starts flaunting her superiority: one drink.

She makes an "I can't kill, I'm a healer" speech: one drink.

Both of the previous two: three drinks.

She acts protective: one drink.

She knifes someone: one drink. But start chugging if she ever misses.

She heals someone: one drink. Twice if it's not in (or right after) a battle. Three times if the target is another species. Four times if she seemingly heals everyone in a half-mile radius.

She mopes: two drinks.

She fails to heal Winnowill: two drinks.

She undresses: two drinks. Add one drink for every character watching.

She thinks about Zhantee: three drinks.

Somehow, Leetah gains wolf blood: chug.

She wasn't the most desirable female in Sorrow's End after all: chug. Then chug another bottle if you think Shenshen was the best.

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He shows his love for Winnowill: one drink.

He demonstrates his obvious pride: one drink.

He's not happy with Cutter: one drink. Drink twice if it gets into physical violence. Thrice if he takes drastic measures.

His only friend is shown to be Ekuar: one drink.

He doesn't understand Venka: one drink.

He can physically join with Winnowill, but doesn't: two drinks.

He actually cares for/about Kahvi: two drinks.

He causes, or helps to cause, a major catastrophe: two drinks.

He takes the initiative and joins with Winnowill: three drinks.

If he morphs into Winnowill, and stays that way, chug away!

He joins up with the Neverending: chug, and stop complaining.

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Nightfall is concerned about Redlance: one drink. Twice if she's concerned about Cutter.

Dewshine acts like a valley girl: one drink. Twice if she displays intelligence. Three times if she goes against group orders.

Pike is totally wasted: one drink, just for him.

Tyleet thinks something/someone obviously dangerous or evil is good: one drink.

Clearbrook doesn't say anything: one drink.

Strongbow doesn't say ANYTHING: one drink.

The Wolfriders' main archer shoots an arrow: one drink.

Moonshade is seen tanning leather: one drink.

Scouter clings to someone: one drink. (And not just physically, you dirty hentai.)

Treestump acts like a workaholic: one drink, just for him.

Krim tries to have a cub: one drink. Two drinks if she doesn't try, but succeeds anyway.

Savah stays in her hut: one drink.

Winnowill black-sends: one drink, and hit yourself with the bottle/can/glass.

Winnowill manipulates someone: one drink.

Everyone's favorite anti-healer tries to kill someone: one drink. Twice if she actually succeeds, or twice if she enjoys trying.

Aroree is lonely: one drink.

Skot breaks a rule: one drink. Two drinks if he doesn't profit from it.

Dart tries to be a leader: one drink. Three times if you still think he's a simpering twit.

Mender heals someone: one drink. Go for two if he's in the middle of killing someone, or twice if he acts humble.

Picknose becomes rich: one drink. Also, one drink if he loses his wealth.

One of Picknose's descendants is much stranger than he: one drink.

One-Eye's life hangs in the balance: one drink for sympathy.

Venka says something shocking or profound: one drink.

Chot complains: one drink.

Windkin does something heroic: one drink. Twice if he displays his apparent Oedipal complex.

Shenshen does something immature: one drink.

Suntop "goes out": one drink.

Ember goes from one weapon to another: one drink. But two drinks if there's an explanation.

Ember complains: one drink.

Newstar appears to have a clue: two drinks.

Wing does something - - ANYTHING: two drinks.

Woodlock freaks out: two drinks.

Trinket is seen in her "mature" form: two drinks.

Clearbrook goes ballistic: two drinks.

Scouter very nearly goes ballistic: two drinks.

Foxfur is seen WITHOUT Skywise: two drinks.

Treestump is left in charge of the tribe: two drinks.

Ekuar is pushed to his powers' limit: two drinks.

Longreach/Longbranch actually says something: two drinks. Same goes for Brownberry.

Winnowill kills someone herself: two drinks.

Jink displays an obvious knowledge of elf culture, and no one notices: two drinks, you'll need 'em.

If Strongbow dies, chug, and quickly!

Suntop does something significant: chug.

Tyleet becomes a $%(_+* human herself: chug and chug again.

Pike is related to Scorch: chug!

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A story contains a cameo, or even a mention of the following: Moth, Cloudchaser, Behtia, Wing, Halek, Adja, Yif, Roff, Tabak, those two kids from Shards number 8, any DOA firstcomer, any Glider not named in Books 3, 5, or 6, any other obscure fave. One drink each.

Chug if any of the above get a major role.

You don't know ANY of the characters: 2 drinks, and talk to the fan holt's leader(s).

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Cutter and Leetah: one-half drink.

Nightfall and Redlance: one drink.

Three or four of the above: two drinks.

Skywise and Aroree: one drink.

Skywise and Timmain: see SKYWISE.

Skywise and any female Sun Folk: two drinks.

Skywise and Foxfur: two drinks.

Skywise and Cutter: three drinks.

Skywise and any female Go-Back: three drinks.

Skywise and Ember: four drinks, and cheer.

Skywise and Leetah: four drinks.

Skywise and Yun: chug.

Cutter and Kahvi: two drinks.

Cutter and Venka: three drinks.

Cutter and Winnowill: chug hard!

Ember and Mender: one drink.

Ember and Teir: two drinks.

Ember and Cutter: chug.

Ember and Suntop: get drunk NOW!

Treestump and Clearbrook: one drink.

Either and their respective Recognized lifemate: three drinks. But chug if the lifemate is dead and still joins.

Either with anyone else: get wasted.

Strongbow and Moonshade: one drink.

Either with anyone else: ...oh, you know the penalty for that.

Scouter and Dewshine: one drink.

Scouter and Tyleet: two drinks.

Dewshine and Tyleet: three drinks.

Any of the trio and Pool: shoot the writer.

Pike and Krim: one drink.

Skot and Krim: one drink.

Either male and Shenshen: three drinks.

Pike and Skot: three drinks.

Krim and Shenshen: five drinks.

Rayek and Leetah: two drinks.

Rayek and Winnowill: see RAYEK.

Rayek and Kahvi: three drinks.

Rayek and Sherla: four drinks.

Rayek and that human girl in "Rogue's Curse," New (Volume Two) issue number three: four drinks.

Rayek and any Wolfrider: five drinks.

Rayek and any non-Leetah Sun Folk: six drinks.

Rayek and Ekuar: chug.

Rayek and Venka: get plastered.

Venka and anyone (else): two drinks.

Jethel and anyone: two drinks.

Suntop and anyone: three drinks.

Kimo and anyone: three drinks.

Any elf and any human: four drinks.

Any elf and any troll: chug.

Any elf and any preserver: forget it!

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It's just Wendy and Richard: one drink.

Most of the work was done by Barry Blair: one drink.

Blevins, Auklandus, Taileffer, and/or Barral were involved: one drink each.

The script reads like a revision/update of an old Elfquest story: one drink.

A different artist/group of artists take(s) over a project part of the way through: one drink.

The story and art were totally done by Elfquest newbies: two drinks.

Most of the work is Wendy Pini solo: two drinks.

A Pini project does not have a concise end, or does not express their family values: two drinks.

A story looks like an attempt to be avant-garde: two drinks.

It's a WaveDancers story: two drinks.

The writer/artist mixes up which hand was injured: two drinks.

A Blair series does not have a swim/bath scene: three drinks.

It's a "Tiny Toon"-type story: chug. (They're even funnier when you're drunk!)

The story was originally a fanfic: chug.

Wendy Pini shows up in the story itself and cusses: chug, and strangle your own elves.

The editor mixes up which CHARACTER'S hand was injured: chug.

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Someone addresses all the current stories in one letter: one drink.

Someone admits to having been moved by a story: one drink.

Someone wonders about an issue's cover: one drink.

Richard Pini replies: one drink. Drink twice if he manages to reply with only one word.

Someone admits to only being a recent fan: one drink.

Someone attempts to relate their entire life: two drinks, and write them a biography.

A letter goes on for more than a page: two drinks. (That's when you know Elfquest is getting good.)

Someone gets nostalgic: two drinks.

Richard quotes a Billy Joel song: two drinks. Three for a song by anyone else.

Someone gripes or complains: two drinks.

A letter writer wishes they could be in the Elfquest universe: two drinks.

Someone establishes their ideological standpoint: two drinks. Three times if you think it's relevant. Four times if you're really angry or really happy.

Someone has put more than a little Elfquest into their own life: two drinks.

After reading the issue, you write a fanfic or do some fan art: two drinks.

Someone claims to live among the wolves, in the now, et al.: chug.

The lettercol is replaced by some discussion on Elfquest and children, fan holts, anniversary art...: chug.

It's a "mature" issue or story: chug.

You read this drinking game and try it out: pick your poison.

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