"Elfquest" Vs. "Bone"

A Battle of Top Ten Lists
Why EQ is Better

10. Sixty-four pages

9. Variety and diversity of stories

8. Wendy Pini's art

7. Nobody's ever lost an arm

6. Better webpage

5. Family values

4. No one talks in massive font sizes

3. Wolves, and lots of 'em

2. The backstory

--And finally...

1. It'll never end!

...And Why Bone is Better

10. Only three dollars (USA) per issue

9. Features an iconic character

8. The baby possums

7. It will actually end

6. The Red Dragon

5. Consistent artwork

4. No "New Blood" or "Worldpool"

3. Phoney Bone

2. No one acts like Tyleet

--And finally...

1. It's actually funny!

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