This Site's History

Fall 1997...

My Geocities address was first established in mid-September 1997. Shortly after, I came up with a small, all-purpose site called "The House of Hope." It received about three visitors. My files from that time might still exist, but they were nothing more than practice at HTML.

Spring 1998...

In late January 1998, I decided to completely remake my site. It was soon retitled Elfquest: The Addiction. Its layout was sparse and graphic-free for quite some time - until I cluttered it up with all sorts of free graphics and notices.

The first episode of 'Quiz was posted in early February. I needed some content for my site, and figured that my odd little fanfic might be a good start. From there, the site has gradually grown into an archive for my EQ-related works.

Since Geocities e-mails told me that few people were coming to this site, I figured that it needed a little more advertisement. Around April 1998, I first submitted my site to's fan-site index. That attracted some of my first visitors, and kept the site from fading into obscurity over the summer.

Fall 1998...

Though I failed to post all the things I mentioned before leaving for break, The Addiction received some major changes during this time. I first started the Update page in mid-fall, and first started posting Daughters in the early fall. The webrings and links finally got their own pages.

Around this time, I founded another site: Fanfic Outlet. This small archive of my anime writings once existed alongside my Geocities site, but with a different layout. In October, it was "unified" with The Addiction, and so changes were made to the links and updates pages.

In the later fall, this site was first submitted to Site Inspector, which supposedly let it be accessible to several search engines. I may have received more publicity from LinkExchange. Though my banner is still rather pitiful, at least this page gets a small amount of attention from them.

Spring 1999...

As with the other semesters, quite a number of changes were made. The most significant one, besides the Addiction makeover, is that I have been posting .txt files instead of HTML. This reduced the load time of the files.

The long-running MST of Daughters ended in mid-spring. Any plans for future MSTs will be announced elsewhere on The Addiction.

A mirror site at Tripod was established in March of 1999. Within the month, the majority of The Addiction was placed on Tripod's server. As of January 2000, a few of the old, unedited humor files still exist on Geocities... mostly because of my laziness.

Fall 1999...

After about 18 months of work, the ElfQuiz story came to an end. The final two chapters were weak, but the overall story received a modest amount of praise. About the same time, 'Quiz Death (the "first movie") began publication.

Following about six months of stagnation, the humor page returned to life. I posted only two new ideas, and didn't update any of the old files, but the page improved significantly.

Spring 2000...

At this point, I'm not sure how much longer I'll have online access. Therefore, plans have been made to end 'Quiz Death by the semester's end. No other stories are currently on the docket.

If you hadn't already guessed, more changes will come in the future! Please e-mail me at, and tell me what you think.

This page was last updated on January 25, 2000. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for legal information.

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