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Never heard of this Elfquest thing? That's perfectly OK. Get yourself over to, and see what some have been addicted to for *over* 20 years.

Some Elfquest fan pages can be hard to find. Case in point: Clearbrook's Den. This page is definitely different. I was completely blown away. Try it yourself, because it's being rebuilt.

If you have some time (and this site *is* in Belgium), try "Howling Rock".

If you think my stuff is unusual... well! Check this out: Mystery Elfquest Theater: Five-Six-Seven Eights. The scary part is that I get all the jokes!

For more slightly odd humor, move out to Marty's Elfquest Page. It features FOND and a lot more interesting stuff.

Or maybe you just want more. Then your destination should be The Elfquest Resource Pages. This might be the best, and most organized, collection of Elfquest links.

This site is just too funny! "Shop" at The Great Mall of Abode. There's nothing like it.

With permission, I also took an image from Chaos in Phoenix. I'm pretty sure the page is down now...

I just discovered this one. It's entitled For Elf Eyes Only, and it's a site for quite a few EQ-related things. This person's pretty good with graphics, too. Compare their page to mine if you want... and you'll find that their page is better.

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Other Comics

So you just came here for groundlevel comics? Well, Bone was my second comic addiction after Elfquest. If you're a newbie, you'll love it. If "Stupid, stupid rat creatures!" is already in your vocabulary, you'll still love it.

A good indie comic is Galaxion. Character-oriented sci-fi drama. Or just "different."

Another high-quality independent is Thieves and Kings. This is the comic's new, official page. The series is only one-fifth of the way finished, so hop on board!

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Other Links

For something completely *useful*, don't miss The Useless Pages, which shows the lengths to which some Netheads will go.

Where did I get those non-series-specific graphics? Go to Bells and Whistles yourself. A few, however, were taken from Geocities in early 1999.

There's two sites out there which have helped me with HTML and Web design. Check out both Tips - Tricks and HTML Goodies if you have the time.

Tripod is, obviously, the organization which allows this page to exist.

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