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OK, OK... no one ever asks me questions. I've gotten some interesting guestbook entries and whatnot, but never any questions per se about my site, my works, or anything. So, I'll try to answer those questions that you've all been so actively holding back...

Regarding Elfquest: The Addiction . . . Regarding more general questions

Elfquest: The Addiction Questions

Why didn't you update during the summer of '98?

Reply: I was away from school, where I have free online access. Technically, I could have updated with the computers in my hometown's library... but I didn't figure it would be worth it. The reason for that is that I honestly prefer spending time with my family to tacking up HTML files.

Why are you so slow to update (insert time period)?

Reply: I promised too much. Though I did some writing this summer, even if I had rewritten TAL 3, I'd probably still be rewriting it. (That's how I am as a personal editor.) Also, I enjoy procrastinating.

About The ElfQuiz Parody...

Reply: I've gotten some interesting comments about this project. It may be well-written, but I admit that it's got a goofy premise... and it's getting even goofier. Basically, I've turned the characters and plot on their heads both for humor and self-expression. Don't take it too seriously, especially when I plug stuff!

Put more "Elfquest" graphics on your site!

Reply: I wish I could. Unfortunately, the SAS site went down because they used official Warp Graphics art. (How everyone else is getting away with it, I wouldn't know.) I don't want to interfere with their copyrights. Besides, if there *were* a serious threat of a lawsuit, I'd sooner take this whole site down than try to continue.

Why haven't you put up any erotic/adult fanfics?

Reply 1: I don't write them well.

Reply 2: This is Tripod. Get a clue.

But why won't you join any anti-perversion groups?

Reply: Because that's a "clique" thing to do. I am not a clique person.

About those spamfics...

They're stupid, stupid. :) Don't take them seriously.

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General Questions

Why did you move to Tripod?

Reply: Because, in the name of convenience, I violated some of Geocities' regulations. In my estimate, it's much better to be safe than have a pop-up-free site.

Will you eventually move the whole page to Tripod?

I'm strongly thinking about it. Since a lot of people are still linked-up to my Geocities page, I'll definitely keep the Welcome page in use. (The links, instead of referring to local files, will bring the user to the Tripod site.)

Graphics... must have graphics... (gasp)

Reply 1: Catch your breath, and stop being so silly. Anyway, I don't have *any* talent at drawing. Neither do I have a scanner. Oh, and I don't have a zip drive either. Three strikes. See also the graphic-related questions for the two individual sites.

Reply 2: I finally accessed Photoshop and an advanced paint program with a Mac. It'll be a while before I ever create a quality graphic, but I've started with a new banner. At one point, with Banner Creator, I created another banner, but that one has become outdated with the page's move.

About the profanity on your page...

Reply 1: It would be pretty lame for me to say that it's a "hip" thing to do, especially since there's nothing new about the words. Instead, I'll admit that I do talk and think that way. Keep it in perspective - it's really rather mild, relatively speaking. I'm *not* attempting to insult or offend *people* by my words. If you are seriously offended, please tell me, and I will take action.

Reply 2: Since I first wrote that, around November 1998, I've cut back on my use of profanity. It still pervades my earlier works, but the more recent writings show a distinct lack of "edgy" language. In my estimate, this is for the best.

About the legal disclaimers...

Reply 1: Yes, I came up with it myself, and I understand every word of it.

Reply 2: I didn't say "please don't sue me," as many pages do. If someone seriously wanted to file a lawsuit against me because of something on my webpages, I will either remove the offensive material, or shut down the site altogether, depending on the severity of the charge.

Reply 3: No legal rights have been claimed on my fanfics because, simply put, I *don't* have legal rights over them. If someone copied or modified one of my works and put their name on it, I would respond privately and politely to them, but I would *not* take action against them. All fan fiction is based on privately owned properties, and even original ideas and characters are not legally mine, because I do not hold any claims on the actual properties. *Basically*, I'm saying, "I don't own this, and I don't care if you copy it."

Reply 4: I'm paranoid. Deal with it.

No Java? No frames?

Reply: Don't need 'em, don't want 'em.

Would you link to my page?

Reply: Yes... as long as the content isn't forbidden by Tripod, and is somewhat relevant to either of my pages.

Will you put up a guestbook or a counter?

When I get a few hours to waste... maybe. I'm not too enthusiastic about either of those devices.

Can I send you an e-mail using MIME?

Reply: My account at Xoom should be able to handle it. Remember, my address is now ChrOtaku@xoommail.com.

Is there any way to avoid a Tripod banner?

Reply 1: Not really. The best advice I can offer is to link to my Welcome page (index.html, or just the site address). Tripod's banner only appears on the *first* page you access. As long as you don't go back to the Welcome page, you'll only have to see the banner once.

Reply 2: If you want to avoid "site filler," don't sign up for it. It's a trade-off... you get ads and the notice of others, several banners, and a significant amount of spam.

Do you support or oppose online censorship?

Reply: I am neutral on this issue. If I am asked to, I will remove any material that might be considered offensive. However, I'm not willing to compromise on the content of the material I produce. Either it will stay as-is, or it will be taken offline.


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