Top Ten Lines That Elfquest Characters Would Never Say


10. (Sung) I am the wolf, doo doo bi doo.

9. (In Book 1) They'll drink my blood - whether they want to or not.

8. (To Timmain) High One, put on some clothes!

7. Winnowill, I trust you!

6. Hey Suntop, could you take over as chief?

5. (To Nightfall and Redlance, circa Book 8) Well, where do you stand on family values?

4. Yes, Ember, I know all about your Electra complex.

3. (In Book 8, or KBW 7) Don't cry for me, Wolfriders.

2. (Shards 16) Oh, I'm sure they're all right.

--And the Number One Rejected Line for Cutter is...

1. I'm the Blood of Ten Chiefs. I know my genealogy.


10. Women: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

9. (To Aroree, Book 3) Actually, I'm not wise about much else.

8. (Book 4) Don't worry, I'm sterile.

7. I've always wanted to wear my lodestone in a skyfire storm.

6. (Book 6) Unhand me, you dirty rock!

5. (HY 4) C'mon Ember, don't you want me?

4. (Every time Timmain changes in HY) This is just like _Ranma 1/2_!

3. (Shards 16) You could fly us into an asteroid, and that would end your trip real fast, wouldn't it?

2. (To Yun, Shards 16) Dang! I'm now overdue on cub payments.

--And the Number One Thing Skywise Would Never Say is...

1. (Sung) I believe I can fly...


10. (To Cutter, Book 1) Sexual harrassment!

9. Oh, Rayek, you're such a tease!

8. (Sent to Cutter, Book 1) Tam as in tambourine?

7. (Book 3) Well then, Winnowill, let me say just what I think of YOU!

6. (To Ember, Book 3) Go get that troll!

5. Up yours, Kahvi!

4. (Book 6) I'll heal ya, Two-Edge, but it'll cost ya.

3. (Book 8) Cutter's dead? Now I can go back to being a young woman! [In the original _Street Fighter II_, Chun Li says something like this in her ending.]

2. (Somewhere in later HY) Shut up, Ember, and let me finish my speech!

--Y El Numero Uno Es...

1. I wish I were as feminine as Shenshen...


10. (To Cutter, Book 1) I can reasonably accept a loss.

9. (To Leetah, Book 4) You want help? Clean the wound first!

8. (To Ekuar, Book 4) Your leg's off!

7. (To Kahvi, Book 5) The child's dead? Ah, who cares?

6. Frankly Winnowill, I don't give a damn.

5. (To Leetah and others, Book 8) You wanna take a short trip a long way forward?

4. Uh, Venka, aren't you supposed to be dead?

3. (Anywhere in Shards) The Djun's kidnapped my girl!

2. (Shards 15) She's dead. Cutter, is this your sick idea of revenge?

--But the Number One Thing Rayek Would Never Say is...

1. I'm so vain!


10. (Book 2) Choplicker's got fleas again.

9. (To Voll, Book 3) You look like a funny old corpse!

8. Sun Folk have it so easy!

7. (Book 6) Now I'm in control. Ha ha ha!

6. (Book 7) Suntop no baka!

5. (HY 4) I'm the dancing queen.

4. (Shards 16) Hey everyone! Care for a barbeque?

3. (First Wild Hunt arc) Now Pike's really got a hangover.

2. (New W.H. arc) Tyleet, stop whining!

--What Ember Would Be Least Likely to Say is...

1. I think I'll calm down and let someone else do the job.


10. (Book 2) Don't worry, Savah's usually like this.

9. I'm going out... but I'll be back before dark.

8. (To Ember) Who needs girls? Don't make me wild like you.

7. (Book 4) We're under attack! Everyone to your battle stations!

6. (Book 5) Hey Winnowill! How nice of you to come join our chat.

5. (Book 7) If I have to control the Palace lying down, I'll probably get skyway hypnosis.

4. (HY 4) Hmmm... This place hasn't changed much.
3. Why would I want to join the Jack-Wolfriders?

2. (New Wild Hunt arc) Look, Ember, I'm busy!

--And Number One is...

1. I'm pining for the taste of blue.


10. Redlance is just an old friend.

9. Cutter! You're leaving me... for Leetah?

8. I should stop worrying about my figure.

7. (Book 4) You're quite a fighter, Redlance!

6. (Book 7) Someone get the wolves out of this!

5. (Possibly to Winnowill) I want an abortion.

4. And the three shall become one.

3. (HY, Ember arc) Pay no attention to Moonshade, my chieftess.

2. I want to see you dance naked.

--The Number One Thing Nightfall Wouldn't Say is...

1. Do whatever you want, Kahvi.


10. (Book 1) I defy you, Cutter!

9. I'm opting for the single life.

8. (Book 2) Nightfall, don't bother the humans.

7. Why can't we all just get along?

6. (Book 6) Humans, prepare to die!

5. I buildeth, and I taketh down.

4. Tyleet's got dandruff again.

3. Two-Edge... I remember him well.

2. (Shards 16) I got my lucky seed and chain.

--Redlance Definitely Wouldn't Say This, the Number One Line...

1. Timber is a crop. [This is the slogan of Weyerhauser.]


10. Why is everybody always pickin' on me?

9. OK, maybe I am the anti-Timmain.

8. (Book 3) Wolf blood is tasty!

7. Rayek's too twisted for me.

6. (Book 6) Tyldak! Come back!!

5. (Sung) Under da sea...

4. Welcome back, Cutter!

3. Grohmul, you need to lose weight.

2. Humans are my friends.

--But Winnowill Would Rather Black-Send at Herself Than Say This...

1. Rayek, chill out!


10. Chop chop!

9. Rillfisher, listen to me.

8. (Book 1) Whatcha doin' here, Leetah? I see you!

7. (Book 3) Are you sure Tyldak's single?

6. I'm out for blood!

5. Grandparents have more fun.

4. (Book 8) I can't lifemate with you, Clearbrook. What will the cubs think?

3. What do I have against Winnowill?

2. Maybe I should shave.

--The Number One Thing Treestump Would Never Say is...

1. What, me worry?

STRONGBOW [These are sent, unless noted.]

10. Gag me!

9. The Sun Folk can kiss my ass.

8. Well, shoot.

7. (spoken) I'm being quiet!

6. Moonshade, I'm leaving you for Winnowill.

5. (Book 4, spoken) Look, I'm in pain here!

4. (Book 6, to Dart) Who the hell are you?

3. (Book 7, to One-Eye's spirit) No, I'm trying to reach Kureel the Glider.

2. (spoken) C'mon, human, talk!

--The Number One Thing Strongbow Wouldn't Even Send is...

1. You may fire away.

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