* Pictured above: NMGH member's - Daphne , Roger, & Heather

            Hi ! Welcome to our first site. We are Northern Michigan Ghost Hunter's,  a family of spirit photographers from the Northern Michigan area. We are a non - profit group that will conduct investigations at no charge, and if you need our help please don't hesitate to contact us. The 3 of us  have all had an interest in the paranormal since a young age.  We are also member's of a ghost hunting group called Ghost Hunter's Of Southern Michigan (GHOSM). The group has appeared on A Closer Look,  FOX 50 News, and in The Detroit News. We have been taking ghost pictures for about a year now. It has changed our lives for ever. We are spiritual people & are not into witchcraft, devil worshiping, or the occult. Recently we relocated to the northern part of the state, and are trying to get a group together up here to go on hunts to haunted places and conduct investigations w/ us.  What we basically do is go to places that we think may have activity, graveyards are a sure thing. We get allot of leads from people we talk to . Everyone seems to know at least one haunted place that they've heard about. Well, we go and investigate that lead. With us we take the necessities : Night Vision/ Digital Cameras/ Advantix camera /Digital tape recorder's/ and flashlights of course. Usually the only time we actually "see" something is when we look through the Night Vision or get an instant shot on the digital.( except for a few exceptions We'll talk about later). We go through allot of rolls of film and sometimes we don't get anything. Wasn't the right place or time, maybe. But then we get those few pictures that are just mind- boggling... the one's you can't explain.


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