This next set of pictures are from an old and forgotten village from the late 1800s. Snuggled comfortably in the woods of N. Michigan. This picturesque little village was a lumbering camp in its day. There are still many buildings left, but many are falling down. Efforts have been made to preserve this historical landmark, but with no help from the State, or any interested parties, it is sadly and slowly falling away. The village cemetery, located in the back, is still there. All graves have been exhumed (by the looks of it), and moved to a nearby cemetery. All except two. One an infant. The other , a world renown psychic, whom helped sence out land mines during WW2. Upon his request, his ashes still remain here.
Our pictures from here are remarkable! The proud property owner of this town today, is a beautiful older lady named June Jackson. She was once a Hollywood actress and today, she  writes children's books.

         This picture was taken when we first visited the ghost town. We were looking through the night - vision    scope when this orb first appeared . She tracked it through the tree's before taking the picture.

                     The schoolhouse                                                          Inside

                         Inside school house - contrasted                            Close Up

          The remains of the stables. While looking through a night - vision scope, I saw a skeleton - type man standing in the  doorway. It was very startling! Unfortunately, I was unable to capture this on film.

                                                                               Mist overhead

                                                             The disturbed burial grounds

                          The psychic's grave                                                   Close Up

 The barn ceiling - Orbs w/ faces                                        Close Up's ( zoomed & contrasted)