These pictures were taken in Soop Cemetery located in Belleville,MI. This is one of the most active cemeteries in the state. Back in the 70's, one of the victim's of serial killer John Norman-Collins was found here. Also, there is the grave of a witch named Elizabeth  from the early 1800's. These pictures were taken the first night that we ever did any thing like this. We went through about three rolls of film and didn't get anything until we got to the fourth roll. Since then, nothing remotely similar has been taken. These were shot on a clear, cool, summer night  around 11:30pm.

Multiple orbs to the left and a vortex coming from the grave.       /  Vortex in motion
                                                         An ecto cloud

      Ecto coming out of grave.                           Vortex w/ apparition of a man's face        

                                  Blue ecto and face upon face superimposed upon one another                  

 Ecto and big orb on a tree, not the moon!  / Close Up of face looking 2 left( zoomed&darkened )

Ecto floating over Heather's head.There are many faces in here. A different view  
                        What do you think this look's like ?

                                                                              An ecto face



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