Because we have too much time on our hands!  You've seen them here and there on this here Erik Larsen fan page website, now you too can use them on your site too!  Just copy the image, and slap it on!  If you want to give credit, it wouldn't hurt either, y'know...  But enjoy, nonetheless!

Boom Pow Tacos ad parody, taken from Erik Larsen's Boom Pow Tacos restaurant found in almost all of his books.
Ich Bein Ein Brainiape parody.  A spoof on the Ich Bein Ein Berliner speech of JFK.
Got Dung ad parody, a spoof on the Got Milk? ads.
Guy & Duder ad parody.  Only if it were true...
PFC ad parody.  Spoof of KFC's "We do chicken right" ad.
Shick Head ad parody.  Spoof off of Schick razors from the pages of Savage Dragon.
Heinous Anus chocolate chips banner.  A spoof ad from the pages of Savage Dragon.
Book ad parody of a random item found in Savage Dragon.

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