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The Focus ST (N. American Specs) is a product of a mixture of components from the SVT Focus/Focus ST170 (Euro Spec), Focus ZX4 SES and the 2.3 Duratec engine produced by Ford's corporate partner - Mazda .

Focus ST Overview
In 2005, the Focus ZX4 ST performance sedan was added to the Focus line-up. It uses the chassis components from the SVT Focus / Europe’s Focus ST170 and it is powered by a free-reving 151-horsepower, 154 lb/f of torque out of the corporate familiar Mazda's 2.3-liter Duratec engine. With all this go fast godies the ST also uses a 4 wheel disk brakes set up.
This made the 05-07 Focus ST the top performing Focus of the entire line up. The Focus ST is still to this day (09) the N.A. Focus model with the most torque.
In 2004, Ford discontinued the Focus SVT (mainly due to the discontinuing of the Zetec's engine program) therefore many compare the two Focus models.
Overall, both are comparable vehicles, yet purposely (by Ford) the ST is not called the SVT's replacement.  While the SVT was available only in the hatch back (ZX3/ZX5 - 2 or 4 doors), the ST is only available in the 4 door sedan (ZX4). 
While the ST does not have the hot SVT 2.0 Zetec engine rated at 170 hp @ 7000 rpm & 145 lb/f @ 5500 rpm , the ST has the 2.3 Duratec with a more usable power curb of 151 hp @ 5750 rpm and more torque at 154 lb/f @4250 rpm.
This brings both the SVT and the ST to mid 15's at the end of the quarter mile. Motor Trend achieved 15.7 sec @ 87.2 mph with a 2005 ST.

Motor Trend Compact Comparison

Accelaration Tests - Traction Control

Chassis / Suspension
The ST includes a 21mm front and 20mm rear stabilizer bars for even sharper steering, reduced body roll and better handling.
The rear stabilizer bar also allows lower rear spring rates to be used for good ride quality. This is well noticed after comparing it to the harder riding SVT Focus. This also causes the less noticeable higher ride hight of the ST.

The rest of the suspension (e.g. the struts) are based on the SVT/ST170.
The suspension set up on the ST is 50 % stiffer than the one found in the Focus SE.
Finally, the Focus ST rides on unique 16-inch aluminum wheels
 using Pirelli P205/50R16 all-season radials.

The Powertrain
(Click for Video of Engine w/ Custom Dress up Cover)

Engine / Transmission:
 2.3-liter Duratec 23 DOHC I-4 engine rated at 151 hp, 154 lb/f.  It is related to the Duratec 20, with the increased displacement and performance-tuned exhaust it produces 10 % more horsepower and 16% more of torque.
The engine has a compression ratio of 9.70 to 1 and is "allowed" to drink regular gas.
Some of our sources (including the Ford's spec page) stated that this engine features VVC - variable valve control, yet forums and other sources say it does not.  In any case, the horsepower is lower when comparable to the Mazda 3 equiped with the 2.3 with VVC, but has more torque. This engine also has a variable intake manifold and a tubular header for a more effective use of horsepower and production of torque.
The transmission is a slick shifting 5 speed unit with overdrive. The ample torque of the engine does not require the more expensive 6 speed unit of the SVT (good accelaration is even produced on 5th) .  It is also quite a good ratio for quick starts as well as highway cruising. (2450 rpms @ 100 kms/h.)
The exhaust system flows a bit better by the delete of the end resonator and the use of a tubular header. It produces a nice performance sound without being overly loud or intrusive at highway speeds.
(Click bellow for a descriptive video of the stock sound).


For 2006/2007 Ford of Canada introduced all the ST with the SAP (Street Apearance Package - US) / GFX (Ground Effects) appearance packages commemorating the 2006/07 World Rally Championship won by the Focus Racing Team.  It is a really nice looking set up, inspired by the front end of the Focus RS, while the rear end includes an air difusser.
In addition, Ford continued developing the (North American) Racing Focus by giving the Focus a racing package and sponsoring a racing series - The Nasa Spec Focus Racing Series.
This really brought the sports into an already sporty, nice looking and potent car

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2007 Ford ST

The predecessor of the ST - the Focus RS in WRC trim

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The Euro spec Focus ST

2007 Focus ST - American Spec.

The 2004 SVT Focus with the Euro look package.

The ST's interior with the upgraded seats.

The ZX3 with the GFX appearance package

05 Focus RS

2007 Focus ST

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