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July 18, 2004
I am the laziest person in the world. I don't know why I never update. I upload junk to DA alot though... go to my DeviantArt gallery. I'd like to move this place... and clean it up a lot...

March 24, 2004
So, sites up again. I almost had it up in December, but my computer died, leaving all my files stuck in a big hunk of metal and plastic. So I just redid stuff, which means new stuff and a lot of stuff gone. And I'm tired of thumbnails, so now it's little card symbol things. All the old Black & White's are gone, replaced with 7 new ones. A bunch of digital ones gone and 5 new ones, a few traditional ones gone and one new one. I've been making a lot of crowns and circlets out of wire, I've done about a dozen of them, and if I can ever get a good picture of any of them, I'll put up a section for that.