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There are several Firth coats of arms listed in reference books you can buy at most book stores.  It is unknown how accurate the information is in these books so it is advisable to do in-depth research on each coat of arms you find associated with your surname.  There is a common belief that a coat of arms belongs to all who have the same surname but this is not true.  A coat of arms generally belongs to one person, an armiger, who is of direct decent of the original person who was given the coat of arms. 

According to the Court of the Lord Lyon, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, there are no coats of arms registered with them for any branch of the Scottish Firth family.  It is believed that all Firth coats of arms listed in the reference books are of English origin like the one shown above.  This coat of arms belongs to Frederich Hand Firth and the motto associated with his arms is Deus Incrementum Detit which is Latin for God will give increase.

For more information check out the British College of Arms web page.

This coat of arms graphic was designed for me by Matt Wilson from a UK company called Heraldic Arts.  The company closed its doors in 2000.

Below is another Firth coat of arms graphic that is very similar to the one I had Matt design for my website.  This is an example of the different styles of coat of arms graphics you may encounter on the internet.