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My name is Dwayne Firth and I would like to welcome you to my little area of the internet.  This website is dedicated to locating and displaying information on the Firth surname.  The information listed on this website is combination of my own research and contributions from other folks who wanted to add to what I had listed here.  Feel free to explore the links and I hope you enjoy your visit. 


The white rose.  A symbol of Yorkshire, England where my ancestors come from.


This site was last updated on August 09, 2004.

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Explore the various meanings of the Firth surname.  It really boils down to where you are from.  Find out more. . . .

I have listed a few links that might be useful to you.  If you see something that is missing just e-mail the information and I will update the webpage.  Check them out . . .

Coat of Arms

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The Firth coats of arms found in various heraldry books are believed to be of English origin.  Find out more . . .
This is a list of online stores that I have had good relationship with over the past few years.  Don't hesitate to check out their websites.



There is no official tartan associated with the Firth surname, however, I have found a few suggestions in my travels.  Find out more . . .
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This section is dedicated to my own ancestors.  Maybe you will find a match.  Find out more . . . I hope you like my website.  If you have any concerns or contributions regarding my website, don't hesitate to e-mail me.