PEG LEG GREG - Rhyme: The name Greg with the words 'peg leg'.
def'n: Peg leg - A wooden leg. informal. A person who has a wooden leg. Often associated with Pirates.
def'n: Wooden - Made of wood: a wooden bench, wooden leg. Dull; stupid.

JUSTIN TIMBERLEG = Justin Timberlake - Late 90's, early 2000's bubblegum pop boy band and solo artist singer.
def'n: Timber - Wood used for building, making furniture, etc. A curved piece forming a rib of a ship. Worth or value as a person; quality; character.
def'n: Leg - One of the limbs on which people stand and walk, especially between the knee and ankle.
AERIAL ARIEL - Ariel; Similar sounding A name to go with the word aerial.
def'n: Aerial - Of the air; atmospheric. Extending high in the air. As light as air. Carried out from or done by aircraft.
BUBBLY BRIANNA - Brianna; B name to go with the word bubbly.
def'n: Bubbly - Full of bubbles. Lively: bubbly humor.
def'n: Bubble - Cause or make to bubble. A thin, round film of liquid enclosing air or gas.
EATEN ETHAN - Ethan; E name to go with the word eat(en).
def'n: Eat - Chew and swallow (food). Gnaw or devour. informal. To bother; annoy.
JOSE SOUFFLE - Rhyme: The name Jose with the French word souffle.
def'n: Souffle - A frothy baked dish, usually made light by folding in beaten egg whites and cooked very quickly.
UMBILICAL COREY = Umbilical cord.
def'n: Umbilical cord - A cordlike structure that connects the navel of an embryo or fetus with the placenta of the mother.
UNRAVELED RAFAEL - Rafael; R name to go with the word unravel(ed).
def'n: Unravel - Separate the threads of; pull apart. Bring out of a tangled state; untangle; resolve. Come apart.
LOST IN AUSTIN - Lost in Austin (Texas).
def'n: Austin - Capital of Texas, in the central part of the state.
def'n: Lost - No longer to be found; missing. (Lost in) To be hidden or obscured in.
FAT CHANCE = Fat chance.
def'n: Fat chance - slang. No way; unlikely.
def'n: Fat - Animal tissue, a white or yellow oily substance consisting of or containing fat. In a well-fed condition; plump; fleshy: a fat baby, a fat pig.
def'n: Chance - Likelihood of anything happening; possibility of probability. Fate; fortune; or luck.
LEAKIN' LEE - Rhyme: The name Lee with the word leak(ing).
def'n: Leak - Let (something) pass in or out. slang. Urinate.
JOUSTIN' JOSH - Josh; J name to go with the word joust(ing).
def'n: Joust - Combat between two knights on horseback, armed with lances, especially as part of a tournament.
GAME OVER GARY - Gary; G name to go with the words 'game over'.
def'n: Game - A way of playing; pastime; amusement.
def'n: Over - Until the end of.
def'n: Over with - informal. Done; finished.
GERMY JEREMY - Semi-rhyme: The name Jeremy with the word germ(y)
def'n: Germ - A microscopic organism, especially one which causes disease; microbe.
SK8 NATE - Rhyme: The name Nate with the word skate; skateboard lingo = sk8.
def'n: Skate - To glide or move along.
def'n: Skateboard - A narrow board resembling a surfboard, with roller-skate wheels attached to each end. Ride a skateboard.
FLYIN' RYAN - Rhyme: The name Ryan with the word fly(ing).
def'n: Fly - To move through the air. While still in the air; before touching the ground.
WAXED ZACK - Rhyme: The name Zack with the word wax(ed).
def'n: Wax - Compound containing wax for polishing floors, furniture, etc.
MAX WAX - Rhyme: The name Max with the word wax. (a product parody of earwax).
def'n: Wax - To rub, stiffen, polish, etc., with wax or something like wax.
def'n: Earwax - The sticky , yellowish substance secreted by glands along the canal of the outer ear; cerumen.
HOOKED BROOKE - Rhyme: The name Brooke with the word hook(ed).
def'n: Hook - A curved piece of wire, usually with a barb at the end, for catching fish; fishhook.
10bKATE BAIT - Rhyme: The name Kate with the word bait.
def'n: Bait - Anything, especially food, used to attract fish or other animals so that they may be caught. Put bait on (a hook) or in (a trap).
BOBBLE BOB - Bob; Similar sounding B name as the word bobble (A parody of the bobblehead collecting phenomenon).
def'n: Bobble - Move with a continual bobbing.
def'n: Bob - Cause to move up and down, or to and fro, with short, quick motions.
WILL WOBBLE = Will wobble.
def'n: Will - Is going to.
def'n: Wobble - Move unsteadily from side to side; shake; tremble. A wobbling motion.
BUNGEE BENJY - Semi-rhyme: The name Benjy with the word bungee.
def'n: Bungee - An elastic cord. (Used in the pastime of 'bungee jumping' off of high structures).
12b XTREME XAVIER - Xavier; X name to go with the word 'extreme'.
def'n: Extreme - Of the highest degree. Going to the greatest possible legnths.
SCUZZY OZZY - Semi-rhyme: The name Ozzy with the word scuzzy.
def'n: Scuzzy - slang. Dirty; nasty; disgusting.
ROCKIN' RICK - Semi-rhyme: The name Rick with the word rock(ing).
def'n: Rock - A kind of popular music, originally called rock 'n' roll, with a strong beat and a simple, often repeated, melody.
SCARIN' AARON - Rhyme: The name Aaron with the word scare(+ing).
def'n: Scare - To make afraid; frighten. Frighten (away); drive off.
CORNY CODY - Cody; C name to go with the word corn(y).
def'n: Corny - Trite. Worn out by use; no longer new.
def'n: Corn - Kind of grain that grows within a cornfield.
SKID MARK = Skidmark. (Slang for fecal stains on underwear).
def'n: Skid - Slip or slide sideways while moving.
def'n: Mark - A trace, such as a line, spot, stain, etc., made by some object on the surface of another.
TRACKIN' TRAVIS - Travis; TR name to go with the word track(ing).
def'n: Track - A mark or pattern left.
DANDRUFF DAN - Dan; Same sounding D name as the word dandruff.
def'n: Dandruff - Small, whitish scales of dead skin that flake off the scalp.
JAKE FLAKE - Rhyme: The name Jake with the word flake.
def'n: Flake - Come off in flakes; separate into flakes; to flake off. To cover or mark with flakes.
DISH GRACE = Disgrace.
def'n: Disgrace - Loss of honor or respect; shame. Cause disgrace to; bring shame upon: the slums are a disgrace to our city.
def'n: Dish - An antenna shaped like a dish or having a dish-shaped reflector. A radio/television telescope.
AMPED AMANDA - Amanda; A name to go with the word amp(ed).
def'n: Amp - slang. Amplifier. Amperage.
def'n: Amperage - Strength of an electric current measured in amperes.
def'n: Amplifier - A person or thing that amplifies; stregnthening electrical impulses.
TAYLOR TUBBY = Teletubby - Teletubbies.
Parody of the children's daytime program aired on BBC and PBS with four brightly colored characters very popular in the late 90's.
def'n: Tubby - Short and fat. Cubby; round and plump.
MORGAN ORGAN - Rhyme: The name Morgan with the word organ.
def'n: Organ - Any part of a living organism that is composed of various tissues organized to perform particular functions. The eyes, stomach, heart, lungs, etc.
SPIDER MANNY = Spider-Man.
A parody of the Marvel comic book hero character created by Stan Lee and Steve Diko who first appeared in 'Amazing Fantasy' #15 in 1962.
def'n: Spider - Any of an order of eight-legged, wingless arachnids, having an unsegmented body and abdominal organs that produce a silky thread for spinning webs to catch food. Something suggesting a spider.
WEBBY WESLEY - Wesley; W name to go with the word web(by).
def'n: Web - The fabric of delicate; silken threads spun by a spider. Woven.
NUMBER JUAN = Number one.
def'n: Number one - slang. To urinate.
def'n: Number - A unit, sum, total.
def'n: One - The lowest whole number.
20bTINKLIN' TYLER - Tyler; T name to go with the word tinkle(+ing).
def'n: Tinkle - To move or flow with a tinkle. Short, light ringing sounds. slang. To urinate.
NICOLE MOLE - Rhyme: The name Nicole with the word mole.
def'n: Mole - A congenital spot or slight protrusion on the skin, usually brown.
WARTY COURTNEY - Rhyme: The name Courtney with the word wart(y).
def'n: Wart - A small hard lump on the skin, caused by a virus infection.
HANDY HANNAH - Hannah; H name to go with the word handy.
def'n: Handy - To be useful, helpful. Skillful with the hands; dexterous. Easy to handle; manage.
MARY MUCOUS - Mary; M name to go with the word mucous.
def'n: Mucous - Containing or secreting mucus.
def'n: Mucus - A viscid, slimy substance, which protects the mucous membrane.
DOWNLOADIN' LOGAN - Semi-rhyme: The name Logan with the word download(ing).
def'n: Download - Transmission of information on a computer network.
def'n: Down - From a higher to a lower place. In a fallen position.
def'n: Load - informal. Something that weighs down, impedes. To carry a load; quantity: a load of debt: a load of crap (slang).
DIGITAL DEVIN = Devin; D name to go with the word digital.
def'n: Digital - Of, having to do with, or based on the principle of a digital computer. A system of recording in which sounds are encoded as binary digits for producing high reproduction quality.
HAIRY HENRY - Henry; H name to go with the wordy hairy.
def'n: Hairy - Covered with hair; having much hair.
WOLFMAN JACK = Wolfman Jack.
A parody of the late Robert Weston Smith, the world's most famous DJ, on the radio in hte 60's and on television during the 70's, alter ego.
def'n: Wolf - Either of two species of carnivorous wild animals of the dog family, with a long muzzle, pointed ears, and a bushy tail.
COOKIE-TOSSER TESSA - Tessa; T name to go with the words 'cookie-tosser'.
def'n: Cookie - A small, flat, sweet cake. slang. A person: a tough cookie.
def'n: Toss - Throw lightly upward; cast; fling: toss a ball. Throw upward: she tossed her head. Shake up or about, especially to in order to mix the ingredients. informal. Throw. Throw up (vomit).
KRUMMY KIM - Kim; K name to go with the word "krum(my)"; crummy.
def'n: Crummy - slang. Disgusting; repulsive. Little quality.
def'n: Crumby - Full of crumbs (cookie crumbs). slang. Crummy.
def'n: Crumb - A very small piece of bread, cake, etc. broken from a larger piece. slang. A contemptible (low; worthless) person.
PIRANHA CONNER - Conner; A name to (horribly) go with the word piranha.
def'n: Piranha - A small South American fish with very sharp teeth that attacks human beings and other large mammals; caribe.
SEAN GONE - Rhyme: The name Sean with the word gone.
def'n: Gone - Dead. Used up; consumed.
SCABBY ABBY - Rhyme: The name Abby with the word scabby.
def'n: Scabby - Covered with scabs. Consisting of scabs.
def'n: Scab - Crust that forms over a sore or wound as it heals.
27bCRUSTY CHRIS - Chris; C name to go with the word crusty.
def'n: Crusty - Having a crust; hard.
def'n: Crust - A hard outside covering.

ARMED ARNIE - Arnie; A name to go with the word arm(ed).
def'n: Armed - Having or using arms or weapons: an armed guard; armed and dangerous.
def'n: Arm - A weapon, or anything used as a weapon.

28bOSCAR LA VISTA = "Hasta la vista, baby".
A parody of the actor Arnold Schwartzenegger's famous one-liner from the Terminator movie.
def'n: Hasta la vista - Spanish for "Goodbye"; "Goodby". So long.
29aGASSY GARRIET - Garriet; G name to go with the word gassy.
def'n: Gassy - Full of gas; containing gas.
def'n: Gas - slang. Flatulence (fart).
29bFIZZY FRANCISCO - Francisco; F name to go with the word fizzy. (Parody of the San Francisco Bay?)
def'n: Fizzy - Something that fizzes.
def'n: Fizz - Make a hissing or sputtering sound. Bubbling.
30aLIPPY LAURA - Laura: L name to go with the word lippy.
def'n: Lippy - slang. Impertinent. Rudely bold.
def'n: Lip - Either of the two fleshy movable edges of the mouth. Lips.

ALYSSA KISSER - Semi-rhyme: The name Alyssa with the word kisser.
def'n: Kisser - A person who kisses. slang. Face or mouth.
def'n: Kiss - Touch with the lips as a sign of love, greeting, etc.

31aLINTY LINDSEY - Rhyme: The name Lindsey with the word lint(y).
def'n: Linty - Full of lint.
def'n: Lint - Tiny bits of thread or fluff of any material. Soft fleece matieral scraped from linen.
31bBAILEY BUTTON = Bellybutton.
def'n: Bellybutton - informal. Navel.
def'n: Navel - Scarred middle area of the stomach where the umbilical cord was attached before birth.
32aHECKLIN' HECTOR - Hector; H name to go with the word heckle(+ing).
def'n: Heckle - To interrupt and annoy (a speaker, etc.) by asking many bothersome questions, jeering, or making loud remarks.
32bNEWSWORTHY NICK - Nick; N name to go with the word newsworthy.
def'n: Newsworthy - Having enough public interest to be printed in a newspaper ( or televised on a newschannel).
33a CAR SICK CAROLINE - Caroline; C name to go with the words 'car sick'.
def'n: Car sick - Nauseated as a result of the motion of a car, train, etc.
def'n: Nausea - The feeling a person has when about to vomit.
33bICKY VICKY - Rhyme: The name Vicky with the word icky.
def'n: Icky - slang. Messily sticky; gooey. Unpleasant; disgusting.
34aTOE JAM SAM - Rhyme: The name Sam with the words 'toe jam'.
def'n: Toe jam - slang. Product produced between the nail surface and skin (nail bed) from sweat and dirt.
def'n: Toe - One of the five slender divisions that end the foot.
34bJAMMIN' AMBER - Semi-rhyme: The name Amber with the word jam(ming).
def'n: Jam - informal. Jam session. To press or squeeze tightly between two surfaces. A preserve made by boiling fruit with sugar until thick.
35aHAYDEN GO SEEK = Hide-and-go-seek.
def'n: Hide-in-seek - A children's game in which one player tries to find the players who have hidden.
35bTIMID TIM - Tim; T name to go with the word timid.
def'n: Timid - Easily frightened; shy.
36aPETE ACHOO = Pikachu.
A parody of the dueling card collecting game (CCG) Pokemon; a parody of the popular character Pikachu. A cartoon and video game too.
def'n: Achoo - slang. The sound made when sneezing.
def'n: Sneeze - Expel air suddenly and violently through the nose and mouth by an involuntary spasm.
36bDORKY DON - Don; D name to go with the word dorky.
def'n: Dork - slang. Nerd.
def'n: Nerd - slang. A clumsy, foolish person.
37aREST STOP RUSS - Russ; R name to go with the words 'rest stop'.
def'n: Rest stop - A resting place including a lavatory in a public building usually along a highway, with a picnic area and vending machines.
37bWET BRETT - Rhyme: The name Brett with the word wet.
def'n: Wet - Covered or soaked with water or other liquid. Urinate on. To become wet; to urinate.
38aTORN TORI - Tori, T name to go with the word torn.
def'n: Torn - p.p. of tear.
def'n: Tear - Pull apart by force. Cut badly; wound.
38b TEARIN' ERIN - Rhyme: The name Erin with the word tear(ing).
def'n: Tear - Pull hard; pull violently. To divide; split.
39aDEFLATED DAVID - David; D name to go with the word deflate(d).
def'n: Deflate - To let air or gas out of. To reduce. Injure or destroy.
39bSQUIRTIN' STEPHEN - Stephen; S name to go with the word squirt(ing).
def'n: Squirt - To force out (liquid) through a narrow opening; to wet or soak by shooting liquid in a jet or stream.
40aLISA LOSER - Lisa; L word to go with the word loser.
A parody of the hit CBS reality t.v. show "Survivor".
def'n: Loser - A person or thing that loses. informal. A person or thing that loses consistently, or fails; failure: a born loser.
40b MAROONED MARISSA - Marissa; M name to go with the word maroon(ed).
A parody of the hit CBS reality t.v. show "Survivor".
def'n: Maroon - To put (a person) ashore in a desolate place and leave: pirates used to maroon people on desert islands.
B1ON CAMERA CAMERON - Cameron; Similar sounding C name to go with the word (on) camera.
def'n: On - In relation to; in connection with; concerning.
def'n: Camera - Machine for taking motion pictures. Part of the transmitter which converts images to electronic impulses for television transmitting.
B2PAINTBALL PAUL - Rhyme: The name Paul with the word paintball.
def'n: Paintball - slang. Artillery game (like lasertag) in which pellets and a gun are used to take out opponent rivalries.
def'n: Paint - Use paint in covering, decorating; or coloring. Practice the art of painting; make pictures.
S1aSTONY TONY - Rhyme: The name Tony with the word stony.
def'n: Stony - Hard like stone. Cold and unfeeling: a stony heart. Without expression or feeling: a stony stare.
S1bOL' FAITH PHIL = Ol' Faithful; Old Faithful.
def'n: Ol' Faithful - Large geyser within the Yellowstone National Park.
def'n: Geyser - A spring that spouts a fountain or jet of hot water and steam into the air at regular intervals. Anything that spurts or gushes like a geyser.
S2aCHEESE LUIS - Semi-rhyme: The name Luis with the word cheese.
def'n: Cheese - A solid food made from the curds of milk. slang. To cut the cheese; pass gas; fart.
S2bERUPTIN' ERIC - Eric; ER name to go with the word erupt(ing).
def'n: Erupt - Burst forth; throw forth: hot water and air erupted from the geyser.
S3aMOLDY MOLLY - Molly; M name to go with the word moldy.
def'n: Moldy - Covered with mold: moldy bread. Musty: a moldy smell. Fungus producing: the cheese molded.
S3bSTINKIN' STEPHANIE - Stephanie; ST name to go with the word stink(ing).
def'n: Stink - A very bad smell. Have a bad smell.
S4aCARELESS CARLOS - Carlos; C name to go with the word careless.
def'n: Careless - Not watching what one does; not watchful or cautious.
S4b KLUTZY KEVIN - Kevin; K name to go with the word klutzy.
def'n: Klutzy - slang. Awkward; clumsy.
def'n: Clumsy - Not graceful or skillful.
S5aTOPPING TOM - Tom; T name to go with the word topping.
def'n: Topping - Anything forming the top of something. Something put on top of anything to complete it, a sauce, etc. put on food.
S5bDOM E. NOSE = Dominoes.
A parody of the "Dominose" pizza food-chain.
def'n: Pizza - A spicy, pie like Italian dish made with dough, covered with cheese, tomato sauce, etc.
def'n: Nose - Th sense of smell. The part just above the mouth containing the nostrils.
S6aGOTTA GO JOE - Rhyme: The name Joe with the words 'gotta go'.
def'n: Got - (Have got): I've got to study now.
def'n: Go - So as to produce, cause, or result in. slang. Go to the bathroom.
def'n: To - To take part in the activity of: go skiing.
S6b KEN NOT HOLD IT = Cannot hold it.
def'n: Can-not - Can not; unable to do.
def'n: Hold - Keep from acting; keep back; delay; contain.
def'n: It - The thing spoken about.


Definitions taken from: The American Heritage Dictionary.