Green Day
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B-sides from singles (1994 - ) , soundtracks and new tracks from International Superhits! (2001)

Title: Made / Sequenced by: TAB
On The Wagon S.O.N.
Tired Of Waiting For You
J.A.R. ( Jason Andrew Relva ) Jason Puentes Guitar TAB
I Want To Be On TV Jason Puentes
Don't Want To Fall In Love S.O.N.
Do Da Da Jason Puentes
Good Riddance ( Original version ) S.O.N. Guitar TAB
Sick S.O.N.
Espionage ?
Desensitized ?
Rotting S.O.N.
Suffocate ?
You Lied S.O.N.
The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink S.O.N.
Food Around The Corner ?
I Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
Maria S.O.N. Guitar TAB
Poprocks & Coke S.O.N.

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