Grup Gerak Khas : Roles


The role of the Special Service Group is to provide facilities and equipment to carry out special missions including parachute operations and maritime operations. These operations can be carried out either covertly, or jointly with other regular forces in enemy held territory.


To provide a squadron to locate, report, harass and disrupt the enemy through long range infiltration as well as operating in close collaboration with guerilla or partisan forces .


To launch offensive operations independently via sea, land and air in enemy controlled territory and also information gathering missions.


To plan, manage and coordinate all aspects of human resources and equipment for the Special Forces Group pertaining to its operational, training and course requirements:

  • To provide advice on the deployment of Special Forces Units operationally as well as in training including bilateral training.
  • To provide advice on Airborne and Amphibious Operations involving any personnel of Special Forces Units.
  • To manage, control and coordinate the requirements of specialized equipment for Special Forces Units.
  • To coordinate the career planning for personnel of Special Forces Units.
  • To plan for courses either locally or abroad as required by Special Forces Units personnel.
  • To formulate policies and fundamentals pertaining to the affairs of Special Forces Units.

There are two types of regiments in GGK - Special Operations Forces and Commando. The SOF roles are similar to Green Berets & SAS. While Commando's roles are more similar to U.S. Army Rangers & British Royal Marine Commando. GGK mainly operate on small groups (the smallest unit is about 5 men) to carry out LRRP / LRS, sabotage and direct action missions on strategic targets. All three regiments have SAS type specialty (air,sea and mobility). GGK also has a small anti-terrorist / hostage rescue unit. This unit is always very busy. In September 1998, the unit was involved in The 16th Commonwealth Games security measures. It does not officially exist. In fact, so secret is the unit, that very few people even in the army know of its existence. Even fewer know its name.

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