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6  Gideon Wheatens

"Pet or Show, Male or Female"?  Choosing Your Puppy

     Whether you want a pet or show dog, you look to the same source for your SCWT.  Good breeders are concerned with the qualities as compared to  the Standard for the breed and exhibit their dogs in the show ring because this is the proving ground for excellence.  You should be concerned with the soundness of your dog as well.  You want your puppy to grow up possessing the character traits of a Wheaten and to be readily recognized as a Wheaten, whether he/she is a show or pet dog. 

     Locating your puppy may be difficult because most breeders are very selective when breeding their dogs and are careful that all dogs meant for breeding are proven to be of excellent health, temperament and conformation to the breed prior to being bred.   Sometimes there are few dogs available.  Additionally, breeders are careful to place breeding potential puppies in homes that will show their dog and are equipped  to handle the responsibilities of a breeding dog or bitch.  Your breeder will help you decide what is best for you and your family based on your home and your living patterns. 

      Understanding all this, listed here are facts regarding your decisions:

Show Dog:

  • Showing can be fun for you and the entire family.

  • A lovely Wheaten deserves the title of Champion.

  • Many dogs are handled by owners and you can share in friendships with other Wheaten owners.

  • Wheatens are very intelligent; showing and training for shows allows the dog to use his/her skills and is fun for him/her as well.

  • Just like a pet, the show dog requires a loving family with consistent and gentle discipline.

  • Show dogs are sold as "full AKC registration".

  • To learn more:  Click here to go to AKC "Getting Started Showing"

                             Click here to go to AKC Show Calendar.

Pet Dog:

  • Pet quality dogs may not have all of the markings, color, quality of coat, bite (straight teeth), temperament or structure that a show quality dog exhibits.

  • Pet dogs require consistent and gentle discipline in conjunction with obedience classes.  Since they are not shown, they will require regular outings and socialization with other dogs.

  • Pet quality dogs are not bred and must be neutered or spayed.  Proof of alteration is required and  provided to the breeder prior to delivery of the dog's AKC registration paper work.  Pet dogs are sold as "limited AKC registration".


  • Make true companions.

  • Love to please.

  • Make great watchdogs.

  • Can be gentler, steadier, better listeners, and more sensible than females.

  • May not be suitable for families where young boys race about or where wrestling takes place, because of their urge to protect which may be increased by rough play.

  • Two males in the same household may not suitable together.


  • Can be flirts and more stubborn and harder to train than males.

  • Their instinct to guard is not as strong as with males.

  • They are smaller and more petite than males.

  • They do not have the urge to mark their territory like males.

  • Females usually get along with each other or with males.

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