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      This web page has been prepared by our family to help you become acquainted with the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and encourage and educate all interested in the breed.

     We are conscientious Central California breeders, that strive to breed sound, healthy dogs, according to the standard of perfection of the breed.  We have shown our bitch to an AKC championship which validates her conformity to breed standards and compared her qualities with Wheatens of other dedicated breeders. We maintain contact with our puppies' family and only consider placing our puppies in homes where they will receive loving care and gentle discipline.

Gideon Wheatens

1  Gideon Wheatens

Central California Breeders

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About the Breed

     The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is an intelligent, medium-sized Irish farm dog (males are 18-19" to the shoulders and 35-40 lbs., females are 17-18" to the shoulders and 30-35 lbs.)  Originally, the dog was bred by Irish farmers for temperament, sturdiness, and good health.  Wheatens were brought to America in the 1930's and were a recognized breed by  the AKC in 1973.

      The Wheaten is known for his soft, wheat colored, flowing coat, which does not shed or smell. He is excellent for folks who may be allergic to the normal dander of most dogs. His temperament is steady and fun-loving and he is not as scrappy as most terriers.  He is a well suited terrier for children and has proven to be an outstanding watchdog.  A typical Wheaten will jump when invited to kiss his family and is puppy-playful his entire life.

     The Wheaten is a perfect house dog, but loves the outdoors as well. An un-kept yard or country yard with weeds is inappropriate for the Wheaten (foxtails and thistles can be painful  and dangerous to the dog). He requires a fenced yard and a regular grooming schedule with brush and comb to maintain his lovely coat.  He needs gentle but firm and consistent training.  With good care, a well bred Wheaten makes a handsome, loving, loyal, and highly intelligent companion.

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