Best Sites for Free Graphics for Your Web Page

These pages have been rated out of four stars. Four stars is the best, zero is the worst.

Moyra Mystic's Web Jewels - totally addicting instant web designs. All my pages were made using designs by Moyra Mystic. You must have a program capable of unzipping zip files to download her designs. Many of these types of programs, the most well-known being "Win-Zip," can be downloaded for free. Also, many of her designs require that you know how to put in your own text. This is my number one must-see.

Dreamy's Backgrounds - lots of really fun and beautiful backgrounds, graphics, and web-designs. They are all free and easy to use. Another must-see.

Wonder Flight - free fantasy graphics. I found fairies and wands and backgrounds and tons of other awesome images and animations. Check out the "magical message." Yet another must see.

Amanda's Castle - free homemade fantasy art. The site is really well-designed and fun to navigate. You can use her art if you want, but I had fun just looking around.

The Enchanted Hollow - tons of free homemade adoptable fairies for your site.

Full-Moon Graphics - I rate this site up there with Moyra's Web Jewels. The artist always has a story to go along with her web-design of the month. Some graphics can be downloaded by right-clicking, but I still recommend learning how to use zip-files if you don't already know. 

Structures - perhaps this artist is just getting started, as there are only a few web-designs on this site. I like the ones that are available, and there is a good chance you will find what you are looking for here. Designs are downloaded as zip-files.

Jade Leaves Design - once again, there isn't al ot to choose from here, but from what I see, it is all high-quality. I like the magic carpet interfaces. The instructions are helpful and easy to follow.

Karmaleon Graphics - if you haven't found what you are looking for in any of the above sites, check this one out. I recommend trying Full-Moon Graphics and Moyra's Web Jewel first, though. Some of it is in Dutch and about fifty million ads pop up, which is a little annoying when you are trying to find what page the real site is on, but there is a lot to choose from once you get there.

M Design Studio - nice graphics sets. Elements are also included separately, if you don't want to download the whole design-set. You don't need to download the zip-files. You can just right-click to download if you prefer. Check it out if you couldn't find what you were looking for at Moyra's Web Jewels or Full-Moon Graphics.

Kelly's Web - if you still couldn't find what you were looking for... I especially like her unique backgrounds. Check out her other art sites while you are there.

Ann-S-Thesia - I am providing a link directly to the "linkware" part of her site. The rest of her graphics are not free. I like her "eye-sites."

Wild Islands - very creative and interesting designs, including frame page designs and interfaces, though not as high quality as Moyra's or Full-Moon's.

KVT Designs - it is rare that a site with free graphics sets compares in quality to Moyra's Web Jewels in my opinion, but this one comes really close. You may even find it better. Who knows. Highly recommended. The only downside is that you must e-mail the artist to request the zip-files.

M Elizbeth.com - very nice. Mostly girly and jewely, but not all the way. Check it out. 

A9ta - really moving art is incorporated into these misty web-designs. They inspire creativity just looking at them. A must-see, like Moyra's Web Jewels and Full-Moon Graphics. 




My Favorite Fantasy Art Sites

Whimsey's Quest - huge, complex site with tons of fantasy art. It is very graphic-intense, and may be slow, depending on the quality of your connection. The only problem is that the little "debug" box keeps popping up on me when I go to this site. Maybe the site editor will have it fixed by the time you go there, though.

Angel Star's Dream Castle - another, even bigger fantasy site. This dream castle is refreshingly magical. There are  hidden passages and fairy gardens and labyrinths and mermaid kingdoms and dungeons to explore.  The graphics on her site are not downloadable, but you may get lucky enough to find one of her many beautiful free gifts. I also recommend checking out her "snow-globes". They are really cool.


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