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Guitar Tango Welcome You ! " Grand Concert "
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Concert By Horacio Laguna


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Professor: Horacio Laguna
By appointment only: 
718 457-7723


E-mail: guitartango@usa.net

Guitar Classes * Cursos de Guitarra

A Southamerican Guitartango Division for Instruction and Divulging.


Finger picking For the solo Acoustic Guitarist


This is an important course for anyone wanting to learn musical 
language for  the classical guitar


 These classes stress the fundamentals of playing well:

 Right Hand and Left Hand Technique
Projection * Tone quality * Musicianship.


Students work on scales, exercises, repertoire, music theory and reading.


Classical Southamerican Argentine Tango and more…


60 minute private class, once a week.

Buy Guitar Solo Arrangement (Compre esta Partitura)
"Canto a Tus  Ojos Bellos", Waltz

Canto a 
Tus Ojos Bellos

Solo Guitar Arrangement 
By Jorge Morel:
Costo de la Partitura
Only (Solo) $7 Dollars

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By Horacio Laguna

Contact: guitartango@usa.net

Professor: Horacio Laguna
By appointment only: 718-457-7723

E-mail: guitartango@usa.net

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