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1973 Shows

January 1973 - As 1973 began, Julie Andrews and husband Blake Edwards along with their children were returning from Gstaad. Julie had a few days to relax and get ready for the next months of shows. At the studio, the creative team were working on scripts, costumes and sets. 

Already, everyone knew that the ratings were not what they had hoped for. It had been decided that the show would be moved to Saturdays at 8:00 pm when more people were likely to watch it. Now, the push was on.

Below you will find a list of blogs for 1973, continued from the 1972 Closed Sets page. Just click to visit the blogspot site!

46. A Week in the Life of The Julie Andrews Hour

47. Art Director of the Show - Brian Bartholomew

48. Episdoe 15 - "Two on the Aisle" with Keith Michell

49. January 1973 - In-Between Shows

50. January 12 - In the Studio with Julie

51. January 12 - Put Out

52. January 12 - Back in Studio E Again

53. January 12 - A Southern Scene with Julie, Eydie Gorme and Jim Nabors

54. January 12 - Intermission - Rich Little

55. January 12 - Julie's Special Guest - MARIA VON TRAPP!

56. January 13th - 18th - Life

57. Episode 16 - A Special Show with Maria von Trapp, Eydie Gorme and Jim Nabors

59. January 26 - 1 - Stories of Robert Goulet and Peggy Lee

60. January 26 - 2 - In the Studio with Angela Lansbury and Steve Lawrence

61. January 26 - 3 - Angela Lansbury and Steve Lawrence

62. Episode 17 - Guests Peggy Lee and Robert Goulet

63. My Life and Julie's Explanation

64. Episode 18 - Sid Caesar and John Davidson

65. In Memory of Dancer, Actor, Set Designer Garrett Lewis

66. February - My Decision

67. February 9 #1 - Back in the Studio with Julie

68. February 9 #2 - Julie, Emma Kate and Muppet Thog

69. February 9 #3 - Final Studio Visit

70. Episode 19 - With Guests Angela Lansbury, Steve Lawrence and Rich Little

71. Episode 20 with Sandy Duncan, Sergio Franchi and Jim Henson with Muppets Thog & Rowlf

72. Fame Makes for Strange Companions

73. Daffodils for Julie

74. Interview with Music Arranger - Ian Fraser

75. Episode 21 - Julie with Guest Sammy Davis Jr.

76. Missing Julie

77. Last Day at ABC


79. Episode 22 with Guests Carol Lawrence and Steve Lawrence

80. Cancelled!

81. Episode 23 with Guests Donald O'Connor and Harve Presnell

82. Nelson Riddle - Musical Director

83. Cubby O'Brien - Drummer

84. The Last Week of the Show - March 1973

85. Episode 24 - Finale with Henry Mancini

This marks the last show, however there is more to this story. Another page will be added soon.

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