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These Ham-Chat words were from the Hamtaro Game Boy games (both Hamtaro: Ham-hams Unite! and Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak). Have fun!

Words A-H

Ham-Chat       Meaning
Bestest           Fantastic
Bizzaroo         Strange
Blahh              Tired
Blanko            Forget
Blash-T           Angry
Blissie            Happy
Bloat-T            Bloated
Bluhoo             Sad
Blushie            Embarrass
Bye-Q              Good-bye
Chuckchuck     Give up
Clapclap          Encore
Clingie             Hang
Cramcram        Study
Dazzlie            Beautiful
Delichu            Delicious
Delin-Q            Bad
Digdig              Dig
Dingbang         Noisy
Dingding          Realize
Dundeal           Sell
Fend-D            Defend
Flipflop            Switch
Frost-T            Freezing
Fussfuss          Worry
Gasp-P            Oh no!
Giftee              Give
Givehoo           Ask for
Gofor               Goal
Gogo               Ride
Goodgo           Good luck
Go-P               Bathroom
Gorush            Hurry
Gossip-p         Small talk
Grab-B            Get
Greatchu         Great
Grit-T              Courage
Hamchu          Kind
Hambond         Bond
Hamboree        Party
Hamcheer        Congrats
Hamha             Greeting
Hamigos          Best Pals
Hamlift             Piggyback
Hammo            Friend
Hampact          Promise

Words H-P

Ham-Chat        Meaning
Hamscope        Aim
Hamsolo          Lonely
Hamspar          Rival
Hamtast           Perfect
Hamteam         Cooperate
Hardihar           Laugh
Herk-Q             Powerful
Heyhoo            Call out
Hif-Hif               Sniff
Hotchu             Hot
Huffpuff             Carry
Hulahula           Lollygag
Hushgo            Reveal
Hushie             Secret
Jamout            Play music
Koochi-Q         Pretty
Krmpkrmp        Eat
Lalalala            Sing
Libert-T            Freedom
Lookie             See
Lost-T              Lose
Lotsa               Many
Lovedove          Cherished
Luck-E             Lucky
Meep-P            Regret
Mega-Q            Big
Might-T            Strong
Minglie             Play
Nogo                No can do
Nok-Nok           Knock
Nokrmp-P         Hungary
No-P                No
Nopibloo           Don't fret
Nopookie          Dislike
Noworrie           Relax
Offdoff              Remove
Oopsie             Sorry
Ouchichi           Ouch
Pakapaka         Bite
Panic-Q            Scary
Passchat          Tell
Perksie            Listen
Pooie               Uncool
Pookie             Like
Pushie             Shove
Putput              Put

Words R-Z

Ham-Chat        Meaning
Rubrub             Polish
Scoochie         Climb
Scrit-T             Scratch
Scrub-E           Clean
See-tru            Invisable
Sesam-E         Open
Shashaa          Hide
Shockie           Surprise
Smidgie           Almost
Smoochie        Love
Snorklie           Deep
Soak-Q            Wet
Sparklie           Delight
Spiffie              Stylish
Stead-E           Solid
Stickie             Poke
Swellie            It's OK
Tack-Q            Roll
Ta-dah             Show
Teenie             Small
Thank-Q          Thank You
Thump-P         Startle
Tinglie             Tingle
Tiptop              Exellent
Tootru              Really
Tran-Q             Peace
Trust-T             Reliable
Tuggie             Tug
Twintoo            Identical
Twirlie              Twirl
Vast-T             Wide
Wait-Q            Wait
Wake-Q           Wake up
Whawha          Frantic
Wishie             Beg
Wit-T               Funny
Wondachu       Wonderful
Yep-P              Yes
Zuzuzu            Sleep