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   Headhunters Salon is always looking for new Associates who will bring new talent to our salon & spa and inspire others to be the
best they can be.
"Grow with us, we're always taking applications"
We value all of our long time associates
with perks and incentives
Interested in becoming part of our team: go ahead fill out this on line application. App's are kept for present & future openings. Just let me know if you would like a call when there is an opening. 
(all info. provided will be kept confidential)

  1. Name:
  2. Phone # you can be reached at:
  3. Contact e-mail:
  4. What position are you applying for?
  5. What are the hours and days you need?
  6. How did you hear about us?
  7. Do you have an independant contractors licenses?
  8. When & where did you go for training?
  9. Would you be able to bring in a resume'?
  10. If you were to ever be late to work, what would be your reason?
  11. Can I rely on you to be here & stay your scheduled days & times?
  12. Tell me in 3 words how your friends would describe you. 
  13. Tell me a bit about your artistic side?
  14. If I ask you to do a model for me, what would you like to show me?
  15. What did you think about your last job?
  16. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  17. What do you like to do best?
  18. What is your least favorite service to perform and why?
  19. If needed do you have arrangements made for daycare? 
  20. How long have you been in this business? 
  21. What product brands do you like to use?
  22. Have you had a problem financially, with drugs, drinking or the law? If so is it resolved? 
  23. Would there be a problem coming up with your rent & your supplies, or do you need help?
  24. (Hair Stylist) Rate yourself on clipper & razor cuts ?
  25. (Hair Stylist) Rate yourself with foils? Do you use a blocking cream?
  26. (Manicurist) Describe your type of nails & pedi's that you do? Any air brushing or designs?
  27. (Facials/Waxing) What do you offer as a facialist? Do you know how to use a micro-abrasion machine?
  28. In your opinion, is the customer always right?
  29. Explain how tidy you are?
  30. Are you willing to listen to advice, improve and continue your education with us?
  31. Are you willing to advertise and recruit clients on your own or w/others?
  32. Can you be a team player, work well with others and be willing to give up some evenings or weekends for events, parties & shop meetings?
  33. If new in this field are you willing to begin as an apprentice, if needed?
  34. Why would you be a asset to the shop?
  35. If I do not have an opening immediately, do you want to be contacted when I do?
  36. What are the questions you have for me?

Thanks for all your time. I look forward to meeting you. Give me a few days, I will either call you or e-mail you for futher interviews. Again thank you for wanting to work at a great shop with good friendly people.


E-mail your answers to: headhunterssalon@hotmail.com by adding your answers below and pressing the submit button

You may also bring or mail answers to Connie @

Headhunters Salon & Spa

204 SW "G" Street  "Town Center Plaza"

Grants Pass, Oregon 97526

Call me if you need anything   (541) 218-7717



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