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This is a filet butterfly doily that I made from the Hass design lessons off the Internet.  I have made a few of his designs and have been very pleased with the results. Such easy to follow instructions too.


This is another Hass design.This time it's a 'floribunda' doily.  Please don't ask me to explain!! LOL.  I just followed the directions.


My DH bought me a lovely doily book while we were on holidays last year. Yes, he actually went into a book store all on his own and came out with this book, so I had to make something from it. I chose an oval doily for a change. I can't give this one away.

Crocheted pineapple tablecloth
This is my masterpiece so far! It took me around 3 months to make spread over a period of 18 months.

a closer view

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