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Are conservative Christian theology and liberal politics compatible?
Monday, 5 October 2009
Two wonderful jokes
Topic: F unAQs

Did you hear about the roofing company that went out of business because it didn't have enough overhead?


Q.  Why did the cow visit the psychiatrist?

A.  Because she had a moo disorder. 


Posted by ian_j_site2 at 11:22 PM EDT
Wednesday, 1 April 2009
Topic: F unAQs

All of our lives, we ordinary people are expected to be loyal followers, who tamely do as we're told and don't entertain our own ideas, and nothing more.  We are expected to leave the real decisions to a few recognized "leaders," and to instinctively recognize that we will never be "leaders." Yet we pay good money for courses on "leadership,"  and promotion within the ranks of the followers often depends on how much we know about being a leader, even though we will never be one.

What I have never seen is a course on "followership!" 

April fools!


Posted by ian_j_site2 at 8:13 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 1 April 2009 8:14 AM EDT
Friday, 13 March 2009
The genaeology of the stubborn mule
Topic: F unAQs

If you're as stubborn as an old mule, remember:

The mule is half ass. 

Posted by ian_j_site2 at 10:46 PM EDT
Tuesday, 20 January 2009
At last, a President who knows how to pronounce Iraq!
Topic: F unAQs
At last!  A President who knows how to pronounce "Iraq!"

Posted by ian_j_site2 at 6:41 PM EST
Wednesday, 19 November 2008
Crustacean humor and Topeka wall art
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: F unAQs

A gym is where you shell out clams to build mussels.

If all the world's mine oyster, like Shakespeare said, it's opening to me at a snail's pace.

Here are two pictures of some interesting wall art found on a commercial building near 17th and Washburn in Topeka, Kansas. Doesn't the king's scepter resemble a muffler and tail pipe?



Posted by ian_j_site2 at 8:10 PM EST
Saturday, 10 May 2008
Applications of Quantum Mechanics to Real Life: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: F unAQs
Although I have no idea where I'm going, I can be absolutely certain I'll get there.

Posted by ian_j_site2 at 8:58 AM EDT
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
What "F unAQs" means
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: F unAQs

"Frequently Unasked Questions."

"Where angels fear to tread."

Posted by ian_j_site2 at 8:37 AM EDT
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Did ya ever wonder?
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: F unAQs
Did ya ever wonder what the High Court was high on?

Posted by ian_j_site2 at 11:31 PM EDT

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