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There are many fine "how-to's" on the web about pond building. For step by step instruction check some of my links, especially Pond Rushes.  After reading a lot of them and drawing from my own experience, i've ignored a few rules to create something that works for me. For instance, there are trees nearby and some overhang the pond, water can run off the patio into it and the edges don't use flagstone. The liner is covered with rock that's locked into place with sand and gravel. The plants grow right in the soil in the bottom. The upper ponds and waterfalls are concrete over EPDM liner.

Everybody building the same pond is too much like DOGma. Have fun and invent, this is a paws on hobby. The Pond is a work in progress with fall 2000 the anticipated completion date (like your ever done fiddlin"). We're attempting to make it happen with horsepower, equipment, plants, aeration from the water falls and rapids and partial water changes. Read up first, use what works for you and don't go barking up the wrong tree.

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