Sleepy Kagome IY Dreams: I was wondering if anyone ever had dreams based upon IY (I, suprizingly, don't) and I was suprized to see that the majority did. I decided that could entitle an interesting page. So here are the dreams I've managed to gather up so far. If you've had a dream with IY in it, either email it to me ( ), or else you can put it in the designated box in my survey. These are not censored in any way.

New dreams are in gray

ummm.. Last night I had a Inu-Yasha dream about my birthday. You now the 23rd was my birthday.... They all got me the anime which for some strange reason was availble back in the fedual times even though its not out even now... Does that well go into the future when its out? Also here is the best one I can remember.... I had a dream that I (Yes a Naraku related dream oh well) met up with the Inu-Yasha gang when traveling in a forest. We all know what a jerk Inu-Yasha can be sometimes and well he was yelling at me after a certain time traveling with them and then I ran off upset and got lost in the forest (large forest or what?) well anyway.... Naraku was in the forest (wah! no just kidding) and somehow (I don't remember how) he captured me and I was one of those hostages people, but Inu-yasha and everyone manage to save me... but Naraku wasnt finished. We have a huge fight scence which we can insert here and during the fight Kagura joins the gang and fights on their side. She says she's sick of Naraku and she wants him to die. The fight goes on for while and we finally destory Naraku and Inu-Yasha uses the Shikon no tama to become human. and then I woke up. Wait I awhile and I'll finish the fanfic I writing which is based on the dream.

I was walking in the woods,and I went to the river to have a drink. I looked in it,and my face had changed! It was PRETTY(yeah,I'm ugly in real life)! As I was admirering it,Miroku-sama came over. I think the rest of the gang were nearby,somewhere. He said hello to me and after drinking river water(it's clean!),he said that same ol' disgusting question. Sango came over and saw us. Before I could say anything to her,she whacked us two HARD with her boomerang,many many times. I woke up.

WARNING: Very confusing dream! Even I don't understand it! (letters in red = my comments of that certain moment) Dreamed on the morning of the 30th(Japan time ofcourse)  One more thing: the people are speaking in Japanese,ok?                                               

I was at the mall with the IY crew. We were at the book store. I went in with Sango and Sesshoumaru(I was wondering why the rest weren't coming with us) and asked the sales person when the new IY tankoubon would come out. He said that it is already out,and that there's only one more left in the store right now. The three of us dashed to the place where the new comics are. We took out our chopsticks (why the hell do we have to use chopsticks!?) and reached out for the tankoubon. I was the first to grab it. "Wench!" said Sessh-chan and Sango together. It was hard holding the tankoubon with chopsticks with a dog demon and a demon hunter pushing me,trying to snatch the tankoubon from me. Sessh-chan jabbed me several times with his chopsticks,and Sango kept whacking me with that big boomerangand as we ran.(how come the counter is so far from where the new comics were!? at the beginnin of the dream,it wasn't that far! Well,it's a DREAM...) Sometimes I dropped it,and we had to fight over it. But as we got to the counter,I snatched it out of Sango(she had it)'s chopsticks and thumped it onto the counter with an expression of victory on my face(well,that's what it felt like what I was doing). The sales person said "That'll be Y600."(now waaaaaaaait a sec! tankoubons are Y410!!). I looked into my purse,and I was shocked. I only had Y100!!! I felt myself melt into a puddle. I could hear Sango and Sessh-chan doing janken(stone,paper,scissors),and Sessh-chan laughing as he won. Somehow,I went back to normal form,and slouched outside,alongside Sango who was muttering very bad words. Shippou came over to us and said,"Wow,what a show you guys did!" and laughed. Sango asked the gang,who stood there,biting their tongues,trying not to laugh,"How come you guys don't care about buying the new tankoubon?",and IY answered,"Are you three idiots? The tankoubon came out yesterday!" This time,Sango melted with me,and I saw Fluffy with a sweatdrop on his head and looking as if he didn't hear what his brother had said. I woke up and thought,"Wow. How funky. It must've appeared because I was reading lots of IY tankoubons and thinking of IY fanfics yesterday! Heh heh heh....? Oh well.." (this is true. I was thinking of a fanfic that I'll give to some sites. When it gets posted,you,yeah,you reading this crazy dream of mine,must read it!)

i was a cat demon, and sesshomaru was all scared of me. and I helped Inu Yasha save Kagome from Naraku and we defeated him. Then Sesshomaru attacked us, and I saved Inuyasha and Kagome by getting mortally wounded. Then Sesshomaru got killed by Kagomes "magic power" and she healed me with the Jewel of Four Souls.

I was sleeping in my room, when Inu-Yasha crashed into my room and swept me up, flew to Japan somehow, stopped at my Obaa-chan and Ojii-chan's house, and threw me into their bathtub full of water, which I guess he thought was a well. I turned into a boy with black hair and a pigtail! (sound familiar?) And then Kagome came into the bathroom wearing Inu-Yasha's clothes and fake ears and started arguing about who was the real Inu-Yasha. Then Kagome started cussing and Inu-Yasha started crying like a baby. I guess I was just standing there. Then something happened (I don't remember) but the next thing I knew I was on an elephant with Mickey Mouse ears being swept down a huge r iver of orange soda (don't ask.), with Naraku holding a Kagome doll tightly to his chest. Then he started talking about how evil Kouga-kun was (he said Kouga-KUN) and then he fell off the elephant and drowned. And then I woke up. I went back to sleep again but I had a dream about the dentist and! not about Inu-Yasha.

This time I had a strange dream about the Inu-Yasha anime( this dream was in color... I swear it was) ... well I forgot how it went but I remember Inu-Yasha in semi-baggy black and white cow print pants... and he and Kagome were swinging through the jungle. Then they like went into the bushes and started yelling something with fat blond people... kinda like the fat people on Cow... and Chicken? and then Kagome, Inu-Yasha and the fat people all got on one vine and swung through the jungle. Then something happened and Kagome was carrying Buyo into the old shrine (the well) and was hiding under the porch thing. And that's pretty much it.

My weird dream with Inu Yasha....was some people got kidnapped, and Inu Yasha, me, and some random woman were trying to get to the airport because the kidnappers were taking a plan. However, due to the simple fact that it was my dream this was taking place in, the airport was throughly bizarre with odd high-tech touches. Inu-Yasha skittered around, thoughts off the kidnappers as he looked at all the weird stuff. Meanwhile the lady and I got stuck on some weird 'elevator' that had no walls. So if you fell off....well, ow. What ended up happening was the speaker announced that there was a bomb in the airport. Everyone ran out, pulling a baffled Inu Yasha along. Meanwhile....guess who's still stuck on the elevator... But we get off and meet up with muttboy outside. We try to sneak around outside but then a huge old tank-tractor-weedeater shows up. I run my little butt off. Forget the people who got kidnapped. Especially since I still have no clue! who they were. That's where it ended. I'm just glad I had a dream with Inu Yasha in it. ^^

I was havin a dream 'bout another animie show. I was sitting hiden in a tree watchin everone else..... Someone went up and grabbed me, I screemed and I woke up... I'm sure those were IY clawas and hands and when I fell backwards i saw the other person (or whatever wearing pink puffy pants.

Well, i wuz running down this hall.. and suddenly i get to this garden-type thing. It's all peaceful and stuff... but i feel like something's wrong... i start walking around (it's really big). i then notice this really big rock-type thing... and i hear voices behind it... but i can't move it.. and i get really depressed and begin to cry... then outta the corner of mai eye, i see a bit of pink... suddenly, inu yasha pulls out the tetsusaiga and chops it clean in half... i thank him and make an appointment for an interview (i dunno why... i think it wuz 4 mai site)....anywayz... i walk into the cave (where the voices are)... i didn't expect IY to follow me, but he did.. anywayz.. we got to the end of the cave.. and i can't remember the rest... ^^;... sorri... but i hope ya liked that part.

"Inu-Yasha!" I cried, Shippo clinging to my shoulder. Miroku and Sango walked not far behind me. Why did Inu-Yasha always have to walk so fast? He was always anxious to get the Shikon shards, but we weren't after any at the moment. When I caught up to him, he had a sad yet determined look on his face. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing!" he growled. I looked at Shippo who just shrugged. We soon came to a large clearing. Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and I all gasped and stopped when we saw who stood on the other side. Inu-Yasha kept walking. "Inu-Yasha?" I cried, not wanting to believe what I was seeing. As Inu-Yasha reached the other figure, he looked at her, then turned to stare at us, taking his place next to Kikyo. A cruel smile sild across the priestess' lips. We knew what she wanted: the shards. And Inu-Yasha was going to help her take them from us. Outraged and hurt, with tears in my eyes, I pulled an arrow from my quiver and nocked it in my bow. I! nu-Yasha, not seeming to notice or care, turned to look at Kikyo. Unable to stop myself any longer, I let the arrow fly towards it's target. It connected. Inu-Yasha started, but then nonchalantly removed the arrow from the back of his neck. He then stared at it for a moment. He faced me once again, only there was no expected hatred in his eyes, only sorrow. "Kagome," was all he said before he turned away. At last realizing what was going on, Miroku and Sango prepared to fight; Miroku began undoing his prayer beads while Sango held her boomerang ready. At the same time, Inu-Yasha and Kikyo, too, prepared themselves for the battle. I looked on, tears in my eyes, as my friends ran towards each other, ready to attack.
(Yes, I actually had that dream (I must have been Kagome since that's what Inu-Yasha called me and I had arrows). The funny thing was that I had it the night I read the (then) latest chapter of Inu-Yasha. It was the one where Kagome saw Inu-Yasha and Kikyo hugging. I thought it seemed rather appropriate.)

OK,this basically involes me and Sessho-maru.I'm a demon and I have markings like Mara in Oh My Goddess,on one side of my face I had Sessho-maru stripes,and the other side a mark like Hiro in Lunar 2.Anyway,Sessh wasn't really as evil.He still hated IY,but I told him that mixed breeds were often better than pure breeds.Anyway,he got really mad at me and left,so I stayed with Inu-Yasha and Kagome.Then some stuff I forgot happened and so we were gonna go to Sessho-maru's mother's grave.The grave was a black diamond in his left eye(I had just gotten that graphic novel).Then some more stuff that I don't remember happened and then me and Sessho-maru were fighting IY.I told him I would tear out my throat if he tried to kill IY.He didn't believe me and then scratced upp IY a bit.I then proceeded to rip out my throat.Sessh was really upset and used his sword to resurrect me(oh,I forgot to say that Sessh had fallen in love with me).Then there was another incident when we w! ere fighting a really strong demon and I died again,so Sesh killed the demon in his fury and buried me (flowers and all) and then he realized that he could resurect me(I had resurrected him with some spell book or something).Well,he tried that & it didn't work so he started to walk away crying(Yes CRYING),but then my hand popped up outta the dirt and we were blissfully reunited.Sappy huh?