Benjamin S. Story

Capt. Cos. H., D. & E.


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...Flag design is based on a small torn section of the regimental battle flag which is on display in the Confederate Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana. May 19, 1865. When the 18th Regiment was disbanded the flag was torn into ten pieces and a piece given to each of the ten company commanders. (Placement of Battle Inscriptions is specualtive and based on similar Confederate battle flags of the same period.)

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Benjamin S. Story, Capt. Cos. H., D. & E.

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Letter to Elisha Riggs Esq
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A letter written by Benjamin S. Story
to Mr. Elisha Riggs Esq on 28 September 1839.
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Benjamin S. Story

Capt. Cos. H., D. & E.


~ Military Record ~

Story, Benjamin S., Capt. Cos. H, D, 18th La. Inf. En. Nov. 14, 1861, New Orleans, La. Present on all Rolls to Feb., 1862. Roll May and June, 1862, Present. Rejoined Co., June 15, 1862, having been absent on sick leave. Roll July and Aug., 1862, Present. Apptd. from Co. H to Co. D, Capt., July 24, 1862, Provost Marshal Pollard. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Lafourche, La., Oct. 27, 1862. Paroled Donaldsonville, La., Oct. 29, 1862. Exchanged from Steamer Frolic, near Baton Rouge, La., Feb. 23, 1863. Roll dated June 30, 1863, Comdg. Co. Roll July and Aug., 1863, Present. Also borne on Rolls of Co. E, Cons. 18th Regt. and Yellow Jacket Battn. La Inf., Capt. Roll Jan. and Feb., 1864 (only Roll on file), Present. Official Rolls Paroled Officers, C. S. A., Paroled Natchitoches, La., June 6, 1865, as Capt. 18th La. Inf., Co. E, Story, B. S.

~ Biography ~

Born in New Orleans in 1834, son of Benjamin and Ann Eliza (Clement) Story. Father born New Jersey and mother born in Long Island, N.Y. In 1890, Benjamin S. was the only surviving one of 14 children of Benjamin and Ann Eliza. The oldest son, Henry Clement Story who died in 1868 was a graduate of West Point in 1842. Benjamin S. graduated from Phillips Exter academy, New Hampshire.

After graduation, he became a cotton farmer and owned extensive real estate interests. He was instrumental in helping to equip and organize the Eighteenth Infantry Reg., CSA and participated in battles at Shiloh, Corinth, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Fordoche and the retreat of General Banks' Red River expedition. He was captured and paroled on the battlefield on Bayou Lafourche and was returned to New Orleans as a prisoner of war. During the occupation of New Orleans, his large estate was seized and sequestered by the United States government and when he was paroled at Natchitoches, he proceeded to Washington, D.C. and made application for a pardon and after much delay, it was granted; the property was for some time retained by the Freedman's Bureau. After great difficulty and expense, his property was returned to him, the rightful owner.

In May of 1867, he married Miss Jeannie Campbell, the daughter of Mrs. Jane Wray Washington Campbell and they immediately sailed for France. Jeannie was the G G G Granddaughter of Lawrence Washington, half brother to Gen. George Washington. Upon returning, the couple repaired to their plantation home, Saxonholm where they were still living in 1890.

Information reprinted from:
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Louisiana,
Vol. II, p.411

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