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American Civil War Excellence Award Information


IMAGE of American Civil War Excellence Award

IMAGE of American Civil War Excellence Award

IMAGE of American Civil War Excellence Award

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IMAGE of American Civil War Excellence Award

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***Please NOTE: This Program Has Ended***

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Here are some basic rules that you will need to keep in mind regarding what YOUR Web Site offers to the Cyberspace public. After consideration of the following rules, follow the instructionsand contact this researcher at the e-mail address listed below. Your request will be reviewed along with the information submitted and your Web Site. After viewing your site, I will contact you of the decision with regards to the American Civil War Excellence Award.

RULE #1:

All Civil War REGIMENTAL sites will be considered... but preferrencial consideration will be given to INFANTRY Regimental Sites. Face it, this researcher's sites are devoted to INFANTRY Regiments. Additionally, ALL sites, both North and South will be given equal consideration (this site does NOT play favorites with this award...face it, these men were ALL American Sons).

RULE #2:

Your pages must contain information that will supply a service to the Web Community. By a service, it is meant, that the page should contain historical information, i.e., a ROSTER of the MEN with regards to the Regiment that you are submitting. Other information for consideration is the inclusion of engagements, photos, unit history,command structure, letters, diaries and related information. The overall theme of the web site should be pleasing to the eye and contain your information in an easily readable and understandable format.

RULE #3:

Web sites that do not contain the above information will not be considered. There are many sites that are about the American Civil War in nature, but do not conform to the above mentioned rules.

Important: If your site is "Under Construction" please do NOT submit it. We wish to view a site that is complete. We will not give consideration to sites that are "Under Construction". An additional suggestion is this. We, like all webmasters, love to hear the accompanying music that many folks use to enhance the material displayed on their website.

A suggestion is that you also give us, the reviewers, an opportunity to "pause" the music when we are viewing your site by including the optional control panel. This will save time that can be utilized in viewing pages that can load quicker. Thank you for your considerations.

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All submitted sites must be easily viewable by the GENERAL PUBLIC. Pages which portray racial or ethnic overtones will be given absolutely NO consideration.

RULE #4:

Please provide us with the following
information to better assist us in reviewing
your web site ... (We will make every effort to review your site within a week of receipt of this message. If you do not hear from us by then -- please be patient -- we will review your site. Due to the large demand for our awards program, we review all sites requested -- however, we only respond to sites that are award receiptants. Do not be slighted should we not offer you our award presentation on your first try -- for we only award about 50% of all requested applications.

We offer our awards from a personal point of view and some sites we personally feel are not up to par.Try again later after more work is done to your site. All Civil War web sites go through extensive modifications and additions. Do not despair, you will know when your site is one of the best on the web and that is not by receiving a token of appreciation from another webmaster -- but when you receive the accolades of your visitors who are searching for information about their ancestor.
They are the true award presenters for they are the ones who will praise you work. )

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Which AWARD are you applying for:

Please give a brief SUMMARY of your site:
(Note: Webmaster -- Please use this box to
write your own summary of your web site...this information will be placed on our extensive LINKS pages. So here is the opportunity for you to "toot" your own horn and have some fun doing it.)

How did you LOCATE this awards page:

Also, should you view another site that conforms to the above requirements, we would appreciate an e-mail informing us about the site. We will be happy to view that site for consideration.

Other SITES that you feel should be considered
for this award presentation (Please include the URL):


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American Civil War Excellence Award

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