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Lutheran Church Contacts


Pastor Jerry

Peace-Tohickon Perkasie
Dick Burkett

St. Andrew's Perkasie
Lynne Wescott 

St. James
Suzanne Fisher

St. John's Sellersville
Leah Woehr Grande

St. Luke's Dublin
Steve Gratias

St. Matthew's Kellerschurch
Marilynne Bagosy

St. Michael's Sellersville
Bruce Markley

St. Peter's
Line Lexington

Trinity Perkasie
Jim Garcia

"I was a stranger and you welcomed me." Matthew 25:35

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Committees Master Calendar

Dear Friends in Christ,
  Please remember to log your committee members and volunteers donations, volunteer time, mileage, and expenses using the the Donations and Services Logsheet.  In addition, please use the Expense Reimbursement Form so our Financial Chair can track all expenses.

Jim Garcia

The following documents are available in PDF format for your use.
(click here to go to Adobe's website to download the program for free).

  Commitment for Support Team Sponsors

  Donations and Services Logsheet
  Expense Reimbursement Form

  Pre-Arrival Checklist for Refugee Co-Sponsorship (Suburban Version)
  The Meskhetian Turks (Background Information Article)
  Introduction to Lutheran Children Refugee Resettlement Program
  Helpful Hints for Refugee Committees 

Important Links for Services

     PA Department of Public Welfare Homepage
            Refugee Resettlement Page
     Pennsylvania Refuge Resettlement Program (not part of PA DPW)
     Social Security Online
     Social Security Office, nearest location Norristown PA  Also includes information to other agencies in the area.

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