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This page contains the links to different groupes of images showing my garden, special flower animations, my collection. actions done in different seasons.
I start this page at 2001.01.20, please be patient and come regularly see what I'm adding.
Night flowers of 2001
At this moment this will be updated each day. (2001.07.27)
My garden in the winter
The climat in Belgium is not good for keeping succulents in open air. Nevertheless with some inventivity we can combine a lot of things. A look in my garden during winter...
How to keep an Agave outdoors in Belgium
Since about 8 years I have an Agave americana which became to large to put it inside my home. Each year I built a new home for this plant. See the story.
How to handle a large Cereus
As I have a large agave, I've a l;arge cereus too. Due to our climat in Belgium each year this plant is bought outside in may, and reentered in october. How handle this 100 kg plant without damaging you can see here.
Click and get the show Queen of the night - show - 2000.08.24-22:55
It takes a little time to get the whole show, but it is worth while. (31 x 34 kbyt - the show starts immediately).

One of the most beautifull flowers of the world of cacti.

You'll need download Netscape 4.7 4.7
Alpines in combiunation with winterhard cacti
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