Jef Keymeulen
HOFSTADE-Aalst, Belgium, Europe

My personal view about traffic in Belgium.
My personal view about traffic in Aalst, Belgium.

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My favorites
My first results with Canon EOS 300D Rebel
- Moon eclips 2003.11.09 (2.25 Mb)
- Star eclips 2003.11.09 (985 Kb)
- Orion in 1,2,3 (325 Kb)
- C.C. AYLOSTERA - Greenhouse (785 Kb)
This camera opens a door on the future.. rebels !
Cactusclub 'AYLOSTERA' - Aalst vzw
HOFSTADE-Aalst, Belgium, Europe

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See my own todays favorite images (2001.07.30-08:00)
Have a look in my garden (2001.05.06)
VVS, Belgium, Europe
MURZIM vzw, Aalst
Club Observatory COLUMBA (2001.08.08)

Walking on the moon ( reduced, reduced2) (2003.11.12)
Visiting EROS by NEAR Shoemaker (2001.02.12).
Touchdown at 2006 GMT (3:06 p.m. EST) survived !

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