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"If I had to make a comparison I’d say we want to be similar to the philosophy in ‘Kung Fu’. Tony Blake, the Magician, hates violence!"

On comparing the role of Tony Blake the Magician to Tom Corbett of Eddie’s Father:

"Tony moves faster…Tom thought more and Tony acts more. Tony makes mistakes. Tom never did, although towards the end of ‘Eddie’s Father’ we had Tom make some mistakes. But the network objected strenuously and said that we couldn’t do that. Tom Corbett couldn’t make any mistakes. How ridiculous."

LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER ….Sept 30,1973.. interview with Morton Moss

"One of the cardinal rules of the show has to do with the way I apply magic. Whatever tricks I perform, I do them with no film cuts. I do it all in one shot…as it is, I’ve been gratified by the fact that the operator of the camera has often asked me how I accomplished what I did. He couldn’t understand although he was looking at it through the lens."

He has belonged to the Magic Castle, fraternity of magician entertainers, for some 10 years…

"I had my head into it, but not that much. Now, they regard me as a full-fledged magician. I’m allowed to go into the magic library and study any trick I want. To be allowed that privilege is a great honor.

"I learn each trick as I reach it. But there are general categories that I comprehend. These categories of tricks are levitation, separation, production and the changing of an object or color into another. We’re constantly creating illusions."

 NY DAILY NEWS….. Sept 30, 1973

"I do all my own tricks. True, I have to learn trick by trick from Mark Wilson. Then a fellow by the name of Larry Anderson works out with me until I have it perfect. There isn’t a trick I do that cannot be done on stage…"

SCREEN STORIES……July 1974…..(added 5/12/07)……. .**(added 8/23/07)

"{Magic}used to fascinate me when I was a kid, and later I used to go to any show that featured a magician. Out in Hollywood they have a place called The Magic Castle in which the greatest magicians in the world perform. I’ve been a steady visitor of that place for years.

"I’m happy that {‘The Magician’ is}pure fun and entertainment. I think the public is aching for this type of show. There’s nothing wrong in providing light fare for viewers. With all the seriousness going on in our country lately, everyone wants some escape.

" I hope it does last. I’d like to think that there’s room on television for a series that doesn’t rely on violence every week. Sure there’s action and plenty of adventure and intrigue, but we don’t leave blood all over the place. I like to think my show is one that parents can feel good about their kids watching. And how many series can you say that about?"


"(‘The Magician’) was important because we were using magic instead of a gun—it was an alternative to violence."

LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER ……Feb. 6, 1977 …….(added 12/29/00)

"I’m not a magician. My avocation is magic. My vocation is a director and actor. It takes a lot of talent and practice to be an magician. I did all the illusions on the show under the coaching of Mark Wilson. I was a catalyst for the magic of Mark (Wilson) and Larry Anderson. They deserve the applause."



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